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yeah i'm a big fan of louis ck. i've been a huge fan of his standup for years -- as a budding comedian, he's influenced me greatly. this show is gold. the poker scene was one of the funniest things i've ever seen.
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Oh God, did I laugh last night! Those therapist clips were pure gold!

THERAPIST: Sex isn't complicated, it's simple. A man gets aroused. He puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. He ejaculates. And then she dies.

LOUIS: What?? And then she dies?

THERAPIST: No. I was thinking of something else.

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el oh el.
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that was the wife from the older hbo sitcom louie ck made right? she was really funny (in a wet blanket kinda way) in the latest episode. in the old sitcom she was just depressing.
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I'm tellin' ya guys, if you aren't already watching this show, you must start!

LOUIS: (uncertainly) Well, you smell nice, too.

HOT CHICK: Yes, young pussy always smells good.

LOUIS: Holy shit!

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You smell like death, its sexy... The only letdown is the actual scripted portions. They've been getting better in the last two episodes but the standup's been carrying the show so far.
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New standup is always nice from him. The scripted part and the show itself is pretty terrible. I know he is trying to do somthing different (or just failing miserably at making a sitcom) but i'd rather just a a standup special or him find a gig on an already established show (like maybe always sunny wanted to punch up the show from getting stale so brough him on as a consistent character)
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I really like the scripted parts. They support/expand on the standup bits nicely (basically, each vignette is an example of his standup). I kind of like the fact that they aren't laugh-a-minute; instead, they have some moments that are serious, contemplative, and even uncomfortable, all of which contribute to the overall idea that originated in each standup bit. Think about it: the standup is hilarious, but it goes over a lot of very serious and uncomfortable ideas, which can contribute to the overall comedy.
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The whole airplane thing was pretty hilarious and spot on at times. lol @ the lube interrogation.
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Didn't see this week's episode but really enjoyed the previous week's (with the play date). Hopefully, it's on the right track now
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show is one of the highlights of my week.
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Look at it with your eyes. Your real eyes, not your crazy eyes.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
show is one of the highlights of my week.


Just caught up on the last couple of episodes, man I really hope they don't cancel this show.
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Louis CK is awesome. Even Lucky Louie on HBO was hilarious, they should have at least gotten a second season out of it. I don't understand the hangups over acting. It must just be me, but I like how they kind of put the story (as limited in scope it may be, but it's a 22 minute show right?) and comedy over the acting. These people are comic performers, they aren't really acting-actor-actors. As long as they deliver the lines, I'm golden. But obviously they aren't going to leave in the cuts where they don't deliver the lines. Still, it's hilarious. Of course I see how this shit 'offends' a ton of people, because there are people who truly don't know how the world works. Louis CK finds the shitty stuff that's TRUE, and twists it in a hilarious, sardonic manner that really makes you realize how these things ARE funny-- as long as you don't have to deal with them...
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Last night's episode was kind of uneven, but I still laughed. I thought the ending was hilarious. I still haven't seen last week's...gonna have to do that during lunch today.
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