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Send them a link to this thread and tell them we're watching how this is resolved.
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i'm sure they're watching

Originally Posted by thenextguy View Post
Send them a link to this thread and tell them we're watching how this is resolved.
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The modern tailor mafia is always watching. I am surprised this thread has not exploded yet. It will do.
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You 100% should complain to your credit card company, that is the ONLY way that these companies learn a lesson.
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A real rag of a thing. I would certainly cpomplain but ask for your monet back.

Certainly never use such a down market company - especially as they were blaming "QC" issues for the delay. There is no quality at all in this rag.
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Im also pretty surprised they wont just offer to send you two new shirts. Every time Jantzen made a mistake they just told me to keep the shirt and sent a new one.
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in defense of modern tailor
if this is 2/200 fabric there is a lot of money in fabric in this shirt.

it is not that difficult to remove the cuffs and sleeves. cut new sleeves and reattach..
if they did this in the first place, you would have never noticed
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Carl, while that was what I initially thought, I found upon closer inspections that there were also random pin like holes all over the body of the shirt.

I doubt that just reattaching the sleeves would work. It's like someone was conveniently using it as a pin cushion.

The irony is that they did email me and said there will be delays in delivery because the fabric I chose was more expensive and they wanted to take more time to make sure everything would be tip top. This is a real let down no matter what fabric.
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I'd send the shirt back to them and let them know that if it's not replaced with a correct shirt, then they've lost this order (due to a refund) plus all future orders, plus a few from the guys watching this thread. I'm a little so-so on them now after an excellent initial few orders and what seemed like amazing customer service. The other side of the coin is that this could be a simple glitch and they may jump at the chance to make it right. You said they'd seen the photos posted here, right? Pretty damning evidence.
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that looks horable. what material is the shirt?
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I would just send them back the shirts and give them the benefit of the doubt. If the end result still does not meet your expectation, demand a refund or just charge back.
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I have decided against sending the shirts back because the likelihood of "patching" and "jointing" is very high. As I mentioned, the damage while predominantly near the seams, is not exclusively there. The holes also exist in the waist and back and could be easily missed and not replaced. I could be getting back the same shirts with only part of the shirts corrected for damage. Sending the item requires time which I do not have (the postal office is far and opens during the same hours as my working time). The postage and materials cost more than that which they promised to reimburse me. Also, waiting for them to receive the item and acknowledge the errors while they debate internally with their production team will only delay the resolution process, time which I do not have if I wanted to do a chargeback. Finally, the error was not made by me in the first place. Why should I be inconvenienced into repackaging the item, standing in line and filling up custom forms and letters to correct a problem that shouldn't have occurred in the first place. I have now written to them, what I view as a fair resolution. It is up to them to accept so we can both move on.
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Just an update that I've managed to work out a solution with them.

On the positive side, each time I wrote in (using their site's contact us form), I've always received replies within 12 hours. This is a huge plus. They have also been willing to work with me to find a flexible alternative.

As they have verified with their factory, the shirts have indeed been altered, thus leaving the marks. So they no longer require me to resend the items back. They've told me that the practice to send items back is to show the mistakes to the production team so that it will not be repeated. As a young company, I'm sure this is part of the learning curve.

I cannot say for certain how the quality will be until I receive my replacement from them. I'm sure though, a lesson will be learnt, and hopefully that benefits anyone else who might be placing orders with them in future.

As it stands, customer service is good. I wish they had just gotten things done right the first time round. I will decide if I still want to continue my dealings with them after the 2nd batch, a major advantage over Jantzen is their customer service, timing of delivery and a very easy to use website.
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Kudos to MT for taking care of it.

Every company makes mistakes, what truly matters is what they do next.
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Dear Upnorth, please email me at and we will resolve the issue asap. We would like to know the order #. Regards, Emma
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