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Cleaning the closet--many items both new and used, smaller sizes

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So I've decided to clear my closet of all those things I never wear. Most of them are just items that don't look very good on me or don't fit. Shipping is NOT included in the prices. The buyer and I will work out a fair shipping

NWT RL Purple Label Linen pants (30, light green) -- $59.99
MSRP ~ $300. Beautiful pants.


RL Purple Label Linen short-sleeved shirt (size S, light blue) -- $45
This is a great shirt that I wore maybe three times this summer. Beautiful buttons and construction but I don't like the way the collar feels...dommage.


SOLDBarney's store brand dress shoes (size 9D, black oxfords, Made in Italy) -- $55
Bought at the sale. MSRP was $245. Worn 5 - 10 times and have kept trees in them, so they're pretty much like new. Rubber soles. Size 9D but a tiny bit longer than the typical 9 (Polo Carlson for example).


Zegna double cuff offwhite dress shirt (15) --$50
Worn once. I love the fabric on this shirt"”it's much better than my jantzen's but the sleeves and the shirt length are very long on me.


LL Bean Three-Quarters length quilted winter jacket (size S, marine blue) -- $30
MSRP was 150ish. VERY warm jacket. Worn many times last winter but still looks great.


NWOT Ben Silver silk knit tie (blue, gold) -- $10
Bought from their website a while ago for very cheap. Never worn.


SOLD Lacoste Polo (small 4, Pumpkin Orange) -- $30

Washed but never worn"”apparently I can't wear orange. Nice MOP buttons. Made in Peru version.


SOLD NWT Gucci Silk Shirt (15-32/33, not sure what color it's labeled but it looks like a shiny brownish metal, mandarin collar) -- $75 SHIPPED
Bought this a long time ago but have never worn it. MSRP is something ridiculous like $500. It's a beautiful shirt - silk feels great but I could never pull this off. It does have a red mark (because it was sold at discount) on the G of the label (which can't be seen).


Two used suits that I had on eBay but did not sell due to technical difficulties

Oxxford Suit Jacket (40S, Charcoal with pinstripes) -- $20
Fine condition. Hole on the upper back which is only noticed upon close inspection.


SOLD Kilgour, French Stanbury Suit (38R, Grey glenplaid) -- $55
Excellent condition. Color is a medium grey.


PM me if interested in any of the items and we'll talk. Happy to take extra measurements and/or more photos.
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Damn you for being tiny.
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Though I would have put it slightly differently: 'what a shame I'm fatter than you'.
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Undibbed shirt. A little too small for me unfortunately.
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Thanks for the interest guys...I have a busy day today but will try to get back to everyone by the evening
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I am interested in the Kilgour suit. Could you PM me some measurements on the jacket and trousers.

Thanks, Gene
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Woah buddy, hands off the suit til I say im not interested!
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Interested in Lacoste Polo, could you give me measurements as you washed it. (Sleeve diameter, overall length, chest)
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Alright I've replied to the majority of PMs.

Ben silver tie is sold.

Regarding the Kilgour, these are the measurements:
kilgour measurements
chest 18" across
shoulder 18
length (from bottom of collar) 30.5
sleeve 23"
pants waist 35
inseam 32
rise 7

As to why it is $55, I bought the suit off ebay for $80 a while ago and never bothered getting it altered. Hey, if you guys want to pay more, I've got no problems with that
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Ben Silver tie is available again as the buyer backed out. Barney's shoes are gone.
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Kilgour has been sold. Gucci shirt is reduced to $75 SHIPPED LL Bean is reduced to $30 Oxxford down to $20
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RLPL Linen pants down to 59.99
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Alright I am now taking reasonable offers on everything Again, I am perfectly willing to take more pictures on any item Thanks
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No pants for the Oxxford? Also, is the linen shirt cut slimly, or is it a full cut? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by abc123
No pants for the Oxxford? Also, is the linen shirt cut slimly, or is it a full cut? Thanks!
Nope. The cut is fuller than the RLPL dress shirt I own but still slimmer than say a regular Brooks shirt.
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