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found another by recommendation from a friend. Bulleit Bourbon.

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Car remote.

I have two cars available. One of them has no car remote so I have to unlock friggin everything separately. Oh, and I can't push down the lock for the passenger door without it being closed so I always have to stay until the passenger has closed the door again. Goes hand in had with not having automatic windows.

Obviously, I like to take the other car (which coincidentially also has 4 times as many hp and is a convertible *cough*)
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Originally Posted by kakemono View Post
I just wish I could find a quality can opener. My mother had one of the old crude style ones and she still has it - been strong for 20 years. All I can find in store now is the shitty ergonomic ones with monkey metal, plastic, and cushions that make me want to wipe my ass with it - not cut metal.


Try this:
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Nike Free running shoes
ProCaulk(tm) - As Seen on TV
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only with flow restrictor removed...
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Bagel Slicer...
Seriously, go buy one...

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Everything about this picture illustrates what's wrong w/ this country haha

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Thonet 209

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Originally Posted by javyn View Post



edit: Speaking of USB drives, if you have one of those SanDisks with the terrible U3 Desktop Software installed, here is an app that will remove that completely. Be sure to make a backup of your data because it WILL destroy everything on the drive and re-format.

I used SanDisk, and had no problems with it. But, after losing mine, I had to get a Corsair to replace it in order to avoid that stupid U3 software. SanDisk had a really good product before the U3 software, but they didn't stop and ended up over designing the thing.

If you look at most of the great everyday objects, they're great in part because they're streamlined and great at one thing instead of trying to do too much.
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Ikea 365+ mug + = The best writing pen for the money. So smooth and a good weight. Best stuff for sensitive teeth. Leaves you feeling fresh and not overpowered by mint taste.
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These old things are incredible.
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a leatherman micra. little thing is incredibly useful, and is small enough to fit on a keychain
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I've posted it in a few knife threads on here before but it belongs here too. My Spyderco mini persian.

well, this one's not mine i stole that photo, but mine's just like it.
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