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The Great Everyday Objects Thread

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I thought it might be interesting to highlight great products that you use that are excellent in function, design, durability, reliability, etc.

Your suggestions may help others find the same product if they are shopping in that category.

I'll get started.

West Bend "Stir Crazy" Popcorn Popper - durable, makes terrific popcorn, easy to clean due to teflon coated base.

What excellent products have you found lately?
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Might be off base a little but I was admiring my Ghurka wallet today. It is the second one of the exact same style that I have owned. It is getting a little worn after about 8 years but, looking on line, I dont find anything that I like better.

I suspect that I will buy a third this summer. High quality, functional, durable, admirable, enjoyable.

Great product.
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Thanks Stewart.
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Got one of these bad boys off ebay a while back, made in the USA. Not that Brazilian or Malaysian crap. Best damn calculator ever. If only I could get my hands on a 10C.

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The 12C is a great calculator especially once you master RPN.
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Oh yes. I haven't been able to do algebraic notation for years now. I even had to download RPN stacks to my TI-8x graphing calcs. Getting an old TI connected to a new(ish) computer isn't easy either lol.
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Haven't used anything but my 12C in 20 years. Can't think of any reason why I won't use mine the rest of my career.
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If you want a cool RPN calculator for windows, give Excal32 a shot. For Linux/Gnome there's Grpncalc. If you need an RPN calc for Mac....rethink your life decisions. edit: Don't know if I should add my Mont Blanc Meisterstuck to the list....probably not, that should go w/o saying.
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Chapstick. Shit just flat-out works.
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I've tried every cheap pen in existence and it can't be overstated how superior the Sanford uniball Onyx is to all other challengers. $2 and the world is yours.

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now THERE'S something that gets the job done. the bottle's pretty cool too!
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Another one: a small Innova LED flashlight Bright, durable, 1,001 uses.
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post

Yes this is an everyday object, thanks for this addition.
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george foreman grill
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