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Men's hairstyles - what styles are we wearing?

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I've noticed that a lot of younger people have very short hairstyles, and as a younger person myself I succumbed to a shorter style during my last haircut, but somehow I prefer my hair now when it has grown back to medium length. What kinds of styles are we wearing now? (please indicate age or occupation to provide context). Pictures and an indication of products used to get that look would be nice also.
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Age: 28 Job: Capital Markets Consultant Hairstyle: always Brylcreem (backwards or sideways)
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Age: 28 Occupation: Recent Ph.D. Academic researcher. Hair: About 1/8 of an inch from scalp - the convenience and clean look of a shaved head without the stigma.
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Age: 22 Occupation: Programmer/Analyst Hairstyle: More or less the same as LA Guy. Tends to vary between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch. My hair doesn't ever do what I want it to do, so that was my last resort.
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Occupation: Script writer and novelist. Age: 25 Haircut: Long hair held back using the fabulous 'Supremo Magic Move Light': no residue, soft hair, full hold and volume.
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Age: 25 Occupation: Asst. Political Counselor. I've finally given up fighting my hair. It's medium length, very wavy, somewhat curly. I just run some Sebastian Buff waxless pomade through it with my fingers, then leave it alone.
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Age: 37 Occupation: Newspaper Editor Style: Formerly a combover and now a follicle-challenged straight comback aided by propecia
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does propecia work?
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I don't really know if it does. I really don't care that much, but I wouldn't mind growing some hair back, so I started taking it a couple of months ago. At this stage of my life I would look ridiculous with a thick mane as I have been thin for so long now.
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