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Name your place the Freewinds, after L. Ron Hubbard's lolship.
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Costa Plenty? Seriously: or
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On this topic, is it considered to be pretentious if you name a house that you are just renting? Considering doing it but wanted to check with you fellows first.

Let me know.

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Go for it. Some folks will like it, others wont.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Wit's End.

The name of my father's first boat.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post
Name your house if you want to. It doesn't have to be some big pretentious deal. It might look a little silly if you hang a sign out front or something and all you've got is a little clapboard 2-story on a 1/8-acre lot, but if it's just something you're going to use with your friends and family, who gives a crap?

Full disclosure: My family are sort of serial property-namers, though as far as I know all named properties have been 30+ acres. I think it's a nice way to refer to the place - when my grandparents had a waterfront place it was convenient and I think romantic just to say "We're going down to Tranquility for the weekend" instead of "we're going down to the Eastern Shore house this weekend." YMMV.

Your new house looks like it deserves a name.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Your new house looks like it deserves a name.

Actually, it sort of already has a name. People who know about the artist or about its architectural heritage, and people in the neighborhood, call it the "T------- House," after the artist.

That's actually not all that uncommon in old neighborhoods, where a place just sort of ends up with the name of its original owner in perpetuity.

I wouldn't name it myself. Maybe if I had a big estate I would, but this sits on 1/3 acre. Would just be silly.
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Originally Posted by MrG View Post
I think it's considered poor form to use profanity in the name of a house. Also, this is a pretty long name.
Ha. Just observing that this phenomenom will soon be found on
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Sort of a long story, but... My parents owned a community newspaper, and in 1971 our town celebrated its centennial. That was a great opportunity for the paper to sell ads in a commemorative issue, which ended up being several hundred pages. Lots and lots of revenue. At the same time, my folks were building their dream house, which in retrospect was nice but not that nice. The townfolk started talking about how the special edition paid for the house. My mother had a nice sign painted, and erected in the yard as part of a planter: "Centennial House" It was the one time in my life that I ever really thought of her even thinking "fuck you".
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post
It was the one time in my life that I ever really thought of her even thinking "fuck you".
Noice... When my maternal great grand parents were 'relocated' back to England with their brood of eight born from the British West Indies through to Burma via the Raj after Teh Empire that was not to be spoken of... they named their place 'Harlequin'...
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Originally Posted by DBowers View Post

Epsilon Zeta chapter of Sigma Epsilon Chi (EZ-SEX)

Shouldn't that be Sigma Epsilon Xi?
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post
Shouldn't that be Sigma Epsilon Xi?

No he has it right. Xi is a funny character. Chi is an x
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My wife and I are always trying to come up with good names for our future dream house. Far from being a "huge estate with acres of woods" thing, I always think of it as a "tiny English cottage" thing.

And I'm thinking LK's suggestion of Wit's End is genius.

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Mephistopheles, Lord of the Damned.
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Take into consideration the features of of your land or of the area. Examples: Ivy Hill, Overlook House, Fairfield Lodge ...
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