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I Cant Modify My Blazer!!

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My tailor wont let me that is.

I bought this linen Jcrew Blazer a few weeks ago and finally got around to taking it for alterations the other day. I go to the tailor in a local shopping mall which seemed to be nice enough. Anyway I ask for the sides to be taken in she says, "No no, too much! It looks perfect this way". I look up at the mirror and wow it did look pretty good (using those three way mirrors), so I relent and ask for the sleeves to be shortened. "No no, they look fine", now in this case I knew they weren't fine as they went wayy past my wrists and thus wouldnt show any cuff), i insist and get her to take off around an inch - not enough IMO but she was very firm in that I was taking too much out).

Anyway I found it hard to be more persistent with what I wanted because I'm pretty dense with suit fit (though I was sure my sleeves were still too long) and was hesitant to ask for the waist taken in more. Plus, she was the tailor and I figured she knew what she was doing. Lastly, she was very gentle in her insisting I was modifying it too much and I found it hard to be more firm.

Anyway the tailor is in montgomery Mall, in bethesda (next to the Hechts and Cobbler) so let me know your thoughts and any past experiences if you'd been there before.

PS - Im picking it up tomorrow
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Go to a decent local tailor and get it fixed right.
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Eh. It sounds like you need a different tailor if you have to work to get something corrected.
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Yes, she's the tailor, but you have a different fashion aesthetic than she does. If you're paying her to provide a service, I wouldn't let her personal tastes and opinion dictate what should be done with your jacket, unless doing so would be cost prohibitive, or the tailor concedes that she wouldn't be able to do what you want correctly. What's too short for her maybe just right for you. But you know, I've felt that sometimes tailors convince you not to do something because it's a lot of work for them and probably not worth the effort based on what they normally charge for a similar job.
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Originally Posted by Jodum5
she was the tailor

At the risk of sounding sexist, always use a male tailor.
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Unfortunately I was thinking the same myself. Anyway I'll try it on tomorrow and if I dont like I'll grow a hairy pair and push for what I really want
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I second what Tomasso said. Next time, be more assertive when you are PAYING for a service. I actually had an argument with a tailor that required the intervention of the store management. I was right, he was wrong; not just from a fit standpoint but because I'm the friggin customer and it's my suit.
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