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C&J Boot question

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I´ve considered getting boots to wear with jeans for some time now and C&J seems to have what I need. I´m not quite sure which model I´ll get but Chelsea boots in chestnut color are a strong candidate. No stores near me stock such boots so I´m going have to order them.

Do C&J run true to size and is there a way to ensure the fit without actually buying a pair (Using a tape measure and conversion chart my exact size would be 44,25 EU)? I gather those boots are pretty narrow (fitting E) and I´ve always considered my feet to be wide (10,7cm at widest).

The real question here is would number 10 UK (something between 44-45 EU) boots fit me?
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If I am right in my assumption that polo benchgrades/handgrades are C&J , I found the boots are true to size for everything made in England, and for the boots from Australian Suede are 1/2 too big.
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