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Hi, I noticed that on almost every 'top 5' must have fashion items that - Watch - is always somewhere on the list. If you were looking for a good - long lasting (because they are expensive, and trendy watch - what brand name (or even specific watch would you suggest. Thanks a lot, Greg
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I don't think you can go too wrong with an Omega or a Tag or a Cartier etc. Cartier has a new cheaper line out too although I haven't seen any yet. Are you maybe asking for recommendations among brands which have in the past been mainly designer labels like gucci or armani? Right now i have an all black kenneth cole watch that doesn't have any sort of marker or numerals on the dial and it looks pretty nice. i also have a titanium seiko watch. The kenneth cole watch was 150 and the seiko was around 500. The seiko is really quite nice actually. For next year I'm looking at getting an omega though ^_^
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I like Raymond Weil.  It's not one of the "elite" brands, but is plenty good, and doesn't come with an "elite" price tag.  The designs are classic, so they'll look good ten years from now.  A while back, I wanted a Tag Heuer Kirium, but it was a bit more than what I wanted to pay.  I settled on a RW stainless steel Parsifal, which goes much better with the clothes I wear to work everyday than the Tag would anyways.
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Greg, The kind of watch depends on several things: -How much you're willing to spend -What style of watch(sport,chronograph,dress) -What kind of bezel:stainless steel,gold,titanium,etc. -What kind of bracelet:steel,gold,leather -What kind of movement:quartz,automatic That said,here are a few classics: -Cartier Classic Tank- a timeless dress watch.White dial,roman numeral hour indicators,black leather strap. -Omega Seamaster-great combination of sporty and stylish -Rolex Oyster Perpetual,Submariner,or Daytona-again,sporty and stylish.Quintessential. These are all pricey,and well-built, so that you can pass them down to your son.Less expensive versions are available from other manufacturers,if you'd like the style without the cost.
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I'm wearing a TAG Heuer and I'm really satisfied with it.
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I have 2 Raymond Weils and really like them. They were gifts from my wife. My personal tastes would preclude a large watch like a Rolex. I've just seen too may men with absolutely no style who though they were "it" because of wearing a Rolex.
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As i have mentioned before i have a Tag Heuer 6000 1/10 chronograph. I am completely satisfied with it, except for the fact that one of the push pins for the stop watch has fallen off twice already and its driving me f*#$ing nuts. Last time i had it fixed it cost me $100 and now im contemplating on getting it fixed again. has anyone else had a similar problem or any other problem with Tag?
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I'm wearin' mine for 2 years now and fortunately I had no problems so far. But I totally understand that it drives you CrAzY....
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As most of you know, I am 100% happy with my Patek Phillipe. Highly recommended.
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