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no suede of my nose

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when can you you wear or not wear suede - apart from in the rain??? what occassions etc can you wear what color etc???
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i believe suedes are more apt for casual occasions, specially before nightfall.
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The English seem to have an aversion to them for "City" wear. The "City" being defined as the solitary square mile of the City of London.

In NYC theyve gone from a badge that you shop in London to being so common theyre almost unnoticeable.

I think outside the City of London, the whole western world wears them. I prefer white in the summer with medium to light suits or year round in the darkest shades of brown for medium to dark suits. I never took to the nutmeg, cinnamon or sand shades.

For casual, in penny loafer or tassel loafer style, monk strap, apron front, wing tip, chukka style, even chelsea style, they are very nice. Some people like the casual brogue or ankle boot models with a thin rubber sole for inclement weather.

Ive been caught with suede shoes of many different makes in heavy downpours, ive never had a problem with them ever.

Heres a pair of my E. green's that might be about 10 years old now. Theyve gone through quite a bit.

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