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Taking care of shearling

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Alright so my shearling peacoat came in the mail today, and I was wondering if I need to treat it with anything. Also, I assume it shouldn't get rained on, is that right? Thanks for any help.
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Is the (non-fleece) surface sueded or smooth?
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Erm.  Not sure.  I can't actually open the box until I pay my dad back for it, but bvlin should be able to say.
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Care will be different depending on whether the suface is sueded or smooth. Smooth is probably a bit easier to clean and care for. Smooth leather: Connolly and other leather companies make some creams for occasional conditioning of smooth leather surfaces. Once or twice a year is probably enough. Maybe a little more if you wear it all the time. Generally, clean it with nothing but a damp, soft cloth, and then, only if it is noticably dirty. Suede leather: A bit harder to clean. I've used nubuck leather cleaner made for shoes, followed by a brushing with a stiff brush to bring back the nap of the suede. Overall, clean leather as little as possible. Although all of my leather items say professionally clean only, I've never yet trusted them to a professional cleaner, and have always done it myself on the rare occasion when cleaning became necessary.
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I wouldn't worry too much about getting the coat a bit damp; after all, the sheep from which the coat was made probably spent more than a little time in the rain. (Ever been to Scotland, Ireland, Tasmania, or New Zealand?) Seriously, I believe that shearling coats are very different from the typical suede coats which are so sensitive to rain. If the finish is sueded, you might also treat the coat with a spray to make it more water resistant; when I bought a jacket some number of years ago, the store where I bought it sold something to spray on the jacket (akin to scotchgard, but it was a different product.) I might also suggest you phone a leather store or two to get their advice. You might try one or more of the following: Loewe (The Spanish leather company, not the German television manufacturer; store in Manhattan?) Overland Sheepskin (stores in Yountville/Napa Valley, California and Jackson, Wyoming) Searle (numerous stores in Manhattan).
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