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Advanced techniques for Murray's Superior Pomade

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Such a misunderstood product.

I threw my first can away because of complaints that most bring up. It melts. It's too oily. The wet look belongs in the 90s. You cant get it off your hands, ect....

Since then I have given it another chance. For $4, why not? I have found out how to use it in a way that does away with all the usual complaints.

I always use Murray's Superior after I wash my hair. I liquefy the surface with a blow dryer before I apply. To get the product off my hands, I use dish soap. My hand and bar soap cant cut through it. It gets better after the first shower. I dont wash my hair every day, so when I have Murray's in it, I rinse at a very warm temperature. Not only does this melt the wax again and make it easy to spread around, but most of the oil will completely rinse out of your hair, leaving most of the wax. At this point it will only have a slight sheen, if any, and you can do damn near anything you want with it the next day and it will be matte.

I would compare this pliable feeling to not washing your hair for 4-5 days, but of course it's much more hygienic than that. If you dont want the first day of shiny hair, then use the product at night, so you can rinse in the morning. It's a wonderful base of any other product you might use after that. It also easy to "clump" your hair after the Murray buildup has set in. Another benefit is that your hair will never dry out if you use this product all the time. Swimmers should take notice.
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I'll post some tonight.
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this sounds like so much work - these better be damn impressive pics
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I love Murrays. Bought like 10 tins in Amsterdam a few years back, just ran out at the start of this year. I wonder when I'll get my next chance to stock up...
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Sorry about the awkward pics. I saw the first two replies just before I had to go to work, so they were rushed. I'm actuality simultaneously brushing my teeth in the first pic. I had to take the pics then before I got in the shower. Keep in mind that I take 2 showers a day.

Hopefully you can imagine what the time gaps look like. By the time the last pic was taken, it was time to wash it and start over again. The hair is still pliable, but it could no longer clump on it's own, but it would still lend itself to another product. At that point it feels as if seawater has dried in the hair.

After 1 rinse:

After about 3 rinses:

After about 7 rinses:

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For those unfamiliar with Murray's Superior, this is what it looks like first day of use, no rinse:

Light application:

Heavy application:

Originally Posted by Davidko19 View Post
this sounds like so much work

It is on the first day. Everything preceding that is made more simple because of the useful buildup.
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Wow, didn't know white people used Murray's. Hmm, the more you know....
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Originally Posted by Class54 View Post
Wow, didn't know white people used Murray's. Hmm, the more you know....

Us whites are an adaptable sort. Such talents have allowed us to play golf on the moon before.
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So I've noticed...
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This is what Murray's (along with a stocking cap, du-rag, and the proper brushing technique) can help someone with my type of hair achieve:

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I like this stuff. I always associated it with the slicked-down look, but if you do it right it really does provide a great matte hold.

It takes forever for me to soften it with a hairdryer, so I put some on my fingers and rub them together under hot running water to soften it up.

I saw a recipe online for homemade beeswax pomade. I think I'll try that sometime.
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looks good actually. I've been trying to find a product that i can use without having to wash my hair everyday. I use Gatsby Spikey Edge and sometimes Aveda but my hair loses its volume after a rinse in the morning. I have to wash the product completely off and re-apply, which I know isn't ideal. The whole blow-drying thing is not going to happen consistently though.
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That's how I use Gatsby wax. I apply it for the natural messy look, but it doesn't feel/look completely right until a few showers later.
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I tried just rinsing my hair today -- no shampoo whatsoever -- and it's a complete fail. It could and probably is the serious humidity in NYC today, but Gatsby seems to leave my dead straight hair greasy and dull after a day. I need to find something, anything that will allow me to apply once, sit for 3 days max without the need for shampoo and very little re-application throughout those days. All the while the hair doesn't become limp, dull and greasy. The OP mentioned the "seawater" feel and i know exactly what that's like, only need to find something close -- which is why the murray's interests me.
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