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shrinking my raw 5EPs

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There seemed to be mixed opinions here and superfuture whether raw 5EPs were sanforized. At least, I assume they're raw. They run HUGE/LONG, very ridgid, and bleed all over the place. I cold soaked them, then air dried, and they're still far too big in the waist/seat. So big that they're uncomfortable and look funny. I'm considering a second soak, either warm or hot, do you think that's going to make a difference? Or should I cut my losses and try to sell them to someone who's bigger than me?

They're marked size 34, and I think they're still 37"+. My waist is ~35". I have a feeling that I'm pretty screwed, someone pull out a miracle for me...
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I have a pair of size 33 bootcut raw that measured about 35 after a hot wash and 36 after a few days of wear. I really wish I had a 32 or so - just a bit too big. If they fit, they'd be my favorite jeans ever.
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aw nuts. I think I'm hosed.
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Yeah, 5EP sizing seems a bit random, the straight down one washes are quite slim.
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5epc ?
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i usually wear a 31 in most jeans. bought 29 for my 5ep raw boot. they're still a little roomy in the waist and seat. the legs are pretty tight though. i imagine i could have gone down to a 28 if they had it.
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