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Drum roll please....

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Is it just me, or is it impossible to find good ones? I have a pair of addidas pants. you know the flashy black ones with the white and black stripes down the sides. 100% synthetic materials. I bought them a while back cause they looked nice and felt comfortable at the time. What i didn't know was that as soon as I started to walk around a bit more, a static charge would build up on my legs ;p These pants cling like no others, no mattter how much bounce you put in the dryer. So when i went in to the store today hoping to find something else, I wasn't able to. Does anyone have recommendations for jogging pants that won't cause a huge static build-up on my legs as soon as i start moving?
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I had those same, damned pants. Sweats is the answer, I guess.
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Get modern running clothes, not '70s technology. Try Pearl Izumi, or locally, MEC. I run 40k a week in all kinds of weather and never have a static problem. BTW I'm not rack thin either
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Check out www.nizeshot.de, they produce the best sportswear EVER. Great fabric, nice fit and they look good too. I doubt however if they deliver to the US as their site is in german but it's worth a look anyway.
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