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Added Pair of Size 32 Mabitex 100% Cotton

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Taking Mabitex requests, I live right next door to the post office and within easy distance to the mabitex sources. Cottons would be $60-70 and Wool would be $100-110. For some reason a lot of the wools I have found are significantly more expensive than most people have said in the past. You bigger guys are in serious luck if your interested right now. Just to follow up on the Daniel Cremieux SC's, they were all gone by the next day when i went back. I hope they wont delete my thread this time for no reason. anyways, I have a pair of 100% cotton Will add measurements later when I get home 1) Mabitex Size 32/48 100% Cotton Khaki Colored Price $70 Waist: 16 Rise: 10 Thigh: 10 Leg Opening: 7.5
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Interested in the DC Sport coats. Pics please...
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PM Sent, definitely interested.
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some size 30 or 31 cottons would be nice
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PM'd for 100% cotton in size 32. Thanks.
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Pm sent - Thanks!!
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would love a nice pair of 34 in a tan/khaki wool or a cotton but in the more luxurious gabardine twill ones.
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Shorts - blue or grey - 30"
Pants in 30"

You'll get more interest in the Cremieux if you can post measurements.
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Interested in Blue, Gray or patterned cotton pants in size IT46 US 30. Rise and hem measurements would be appreciated.
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Interested in:
-Cotton khaki/beige sz 34
-Cotton light blue sz 34
-Wool light grey sz 34

Am in Canada.
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Depending on the measurements, would definitely be interested in the Cremieux sportcoats in 37-38R - possibly in the tan/green glenplaid above, but even more so in the navy/orange you mentioned. Pics would be great for that.
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PM if you have sizes EU 46. Cotton / wool, but I wish you could find some linen!
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I would be interested in lighter colours in size EU46 with a slimmer hem of up to 7.5. Let me know, thanks!
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Are you still taking requests? Looking for 34s in nice soft cotton. Khaki, beige, brown etc.
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Any chance for a linen pair? Am also interested in a cotton 32.
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