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Need member input on edward green cardiff

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Recently returned from a trip to California. On a whim, we stopped at a Neiman Marcus for a bathroom break with the kids and I decided to look at their shoes. There were the Edward Green (Purple Label) Cardiff's, possibly Edwardian Antique color, in what I thought were my size, 6.5 E English/7 US. I purchased them as I was in a hurry to try on later. Beautiful shoes. I can see now why the forum members like Edward Green so much. Unfortunately the shoes are not quite big enough for me. I am thinking of listing the shoes on eBay and would like some input from forum members as to a starting price and how to best present EG shoes. Unfortunately I have no box or custom shoe trees as I understand the Purple Label shoes will come with. I have included some pictures. Could I get your input? Is the smaller size going to limit me or is there a market for the 6.5 UK size out there? Thanks in advance.
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I think 250-300 would be a fair starting price. You sure you don't want to consider shrinking your feet to fit in those gorgeous shoes?
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Let me tell you, I've tried to fit into these shoes. I wear orthotics, which take up about a half size, and can't quite fit in without the orthotics. I'm bummed to say the least. It's amazing how pictures can't do EG shoes justice.
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Maybe you could find a podiatrist to do some sort of "bone shave" where they plane your feet down.
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I bit the bullet and listed them. I tried again and just can't get them on. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=4150653443
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Over the last 7-8 months, I've kept a very close watch on EGs and EG/RLPLs that have been for sale on EBay. I've bought several as well. For brand new EGs, I have seen quite a few sell for more than $400 but I don't think I've seen any go for over $500. Most new ones have high starting prices (high= $350+). If the size is not one in high demand though, you may not get any bids, esp. if the starting price is $400+. However, this seems to be rare. If I were you, I'd either start out at $250 and set a $400 reserve, or just "feel the water" by starting out with a $375 or $400 opening bid with a $450 or so "Buy it Now" option. EGs rarely seem to generate bidding wars. For those EGs that do, I wouldn't be surprised to find they are between regulars on this board. Lobbs, on the other hand, do generate bidding battles as they are simply more well-known. Good luck.
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At which neiman marcus store did you buy those shoes?
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Sooooo, John... when you say "Shipping to the United States, Canada, England, Germany, or Japan only.", you mean "and Australia, too"... Right?
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Yes, Austrailia will work. Nothing to Trelew, Argentina though.
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