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Thanks to those who did post relevant replies. After the holiday weekend, I'm going to make a renewed effort--milking my contacts, continuing my research on the local job market, and reaching out past CH. As per the other questions.
I was curious, none of these internships or fellowships panned out into a job? follow-up question, why would you intern for a place you wouldnt want to work for?
Two reasons. First, these positions were unpaid for a reason. I contacted the offices and offered my "skills" up for free if they had a position that I believed would simultaneously benefit my resume and store of "skills". Luckily, I managed to find three of these positions. Unfortunately, the most noteworthy office I've worked for--while sharing my own hometown--is on the "wrong" side, so to speak. Second, in my other positions I had reached the maximum position available outside of some odd board appointment that I would have to court for a year or more. Keep in mind, I am a political science--not econ--major. There really are not that many work-X-amount-of-time-for-free-and-maybe-we-will-hire-you-later-schemes. At least, not in the BCG, McKinsey, Bain sort of way. @stop flaunting your alma mater poster, I was vague from the start to avoid any accusations of that sort. I know where my degree stands in the grand order of things. Sometimes, It may not be enough to bury it under vague references.
Lol, every DC thread always degenerates to "where can I party or meet cute chicks".
To all those concerned about 'cute chicks'. I would only reverse my previous effort and highlight my tenure at Berkeley. I'm probably 'hotter' than that male model who is still learning how to drink. I mean, when I go to a bar I start with a bold I win and order a small Bud Light. Of course, I finish with a neat Islay to sip while I stare at my 500 dollar pair of Aldens and fiddle with my RLPL tie.