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Power Dressing---any pics, thoughts, etc.

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Is power dressing a standard of business or has it been lost?
I rarely see a sharp dressed executive anymore.
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I've started talking about this in a revived Gordon Gekko thread. As I mentioned there, I like that aggressive Eighties business style very much, and I am incorporating it (suitably freshened, I like to think ) into my daily business wear.

It is perfectly true that there is less dressing for power than there used to be, but that also opens an opportunity to stand out by doing so. One workday I ran into a relative I hadn't seen in a while, and the first words she said were "You look powerful!" I liked that.
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Here you go.

I imagine the reason people stopped doing the "power look" of the 80s is because it shows more insecurity than power.
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I suppose if I had to answer that definitively I'd say "No, it's not lost." Less common that it used to be? Probably so. But I find that it's not unusual to deal with executives who dress in traditional "power" style, especially in fields like insurance, banking, etc., as well as in many other large corporations (and some smaller ones). Certainly some people on the business side of the entertainment industry aspire to such a look, albeit often with limited success.
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I love that look. Big shoulders, double-breasted suits, braces, full-cut pants which taper somewhat at the ankle. The contrasting collar shirt I can live without, but I think the rest of it really flatters the physique.
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It's the look of a fashion victim now. Rather than a personal style, it become a costume. Perhaps it could be worn with irony, though who would want to?
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Ladies and gentlemen, here's Grace...

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Larry Kudlow is still doing it.
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