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I've already emailed Alex Chau, used him to get some Alden Indys from Leather Soul last autumn
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How do I get in touch with alex? Sounds good :-)
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Originally Posted by Al_Bury View Post
still looking mate, coggles and end are ridiculously priced on this.

Yeah, I just can't justify this seasons UK prices...been buying everything from USA and have avoided customs thus far. Spoke to The Bureau earlier and they didn't get it in their first WWM shipment either. Although their EG shipment is arriving tomorrow or Wednesday.
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^ Isn't their stuff in the shop now?

Oi Polloi have their stuff in the shop along with EG. WWM prices are in line with the other retailers. EG prices look surprisingly reasonable in comparison (£370 for the field parka IIRC).
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Yeah they got WWM in, but the Shiprock Parka was not in the delivery. Sorry that's what I meant. £370 is still insane when it's $ $430 shipped...
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SS11 has dropped at Bureau and Oi Polloi.
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What is the best US site to pick up the WWM Trail Parka (Gold) in XXL? (It's small fitting, I'm not massive ) Had a great win at the bookies tonight so am treating myself
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Anyone know where to get the blue camp floral shirt from a U.S. retailer? Thanks.
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Man I love Engineered Garments from 2006.
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Happy I ordered the trail parka, I have feeling it will become a small classic, like the eg bird shooter. Now I really hope I picked the right size!
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The parka at Context has sold out and it is not even Spring yet.
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too bad no US stockists are carrying the gold trail parka, and even the euro ones are all sold out of good sizes even before they're added to their webstores.
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Try the bureau in Belfast or Kafka in Scotland I think both have a good size range. I bought the gold parka and can confirm it is fantastic in every way a classic indeed.
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