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Calvin Klein's collections

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Hello, What is the ranking for the top lines of Calvin Klein? I believe that there is Calvin Klein Collection, and also Black Label. Are there any others? I haven't bought Klein for some time so what are the pricing for shirts, pants, jackets for these two collections? Thank you.
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I can't speak to pricing, but you're correct about the hierarchy. In mens' wear, it seems to go thus: Calvin Klein (Black Label) Calvin Klein Collection cK Calvin Klein cK Jeans I wouldn't touch either of the last two (though I understand that cK Calvin Klein is a Gruppo GFT license, which means it's probably wearable, at least). Calvin Klein Collection stuff seems quite nice, if you like the look, but is extremely expensive - a few seasons back, they had cotton golf shirts for US$450. Calvin Klein Black Label garments are lovely but difficult to come by - I suspect they're only sold in Calvin Klein boutiques? I have a grey, very narrow-lapel two-button number that I bought in New York that I always get compliments on - but I can't even figure out who makes it. (Not Zegna, before anyone suggests it.)
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The newish Calvin Klein white label is actually pretty decent - a bit minimalist, and wearable, especially given the price (and it's ability to be had on sale very often).
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