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You probably do remember correctly: my Cesare Attolini cost the same as my Sartoria Attolini shirts. So, the mystery remains.
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Ok, about the different lines: I have confirmed that Sartorio is (or was) a lower priced Attolini line from three different sources. First, a Departures article that mentions the three Attolini lines - Cesare Attolini, Sartoria Attolini, and Sartorio. You can read that article here. Second - the September 2001 Fall Fashion issue of the Robb Report. Page 125 shows a cashmere sportcoat, listed as "Sartorio by Attolini's cashmere check sportcoat - $1,750" It's not a typo, as a Sartoria Attolini sportcoat would cost a lot more than $1,750. Third - a call I personally made to Bergdorf Goodman in New York. They specifically confirmed that Sartorio was an Attolini line. Also, I own a Sartorio tuxedo, and I have sold many other Sartorio items. They bear the same inside labeling as the new Luciano Barbera line, which is made in the Attolini factories. The cut and detailing is identical as well. It has been contended that Kiton bought the rights to the Sartorio line from Attolini. However, inquiries were made by an associate of mine at the New York Kiton store, and they had never heard of Sartorio. Sartoria Attolini is not a diffusion line. It is their RTW line. The construction is the finest I have ever seen in RTW. There seems to be some confusion as to the Cesare Attolini line. Perhaps the line used to be RTW and is now custom, or maybe the reverse is true. I have only seen Cesare Attolini on ebay, and I'm fairly certain that those were custom pieces that were rejected or not paid for...
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A Harris: Is your contention that the construction is better than Kiton? I'm contemplating buying one and would like to know. What specifically did you notice that set Sartoria Attolini apart from other elites.
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Well first I must say that while I have extensive experience with Kiton, I have only had the opportunity to inspect Sartoria Attolini suits on one occasion. That was at Scott & Co. in Los Angeles. My impression was that Attolini is the finer suit. There seemed to be more handwork, the shoulder shape was very distinctive, I was very impressed. But I don't have any real specifics, and my judgement could well have been affected by the fact that I was seeing them for the first time. I STILL haven't seen a single piece of Borrelli. I wonder when it is going to finally make its way up to San Francisco??
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Many thanks, Mr. Harris. I can second your opinion: the handiwork on Attolini RTW shirts is better than that on the equivalent Kitons (although in my experience the Kiton fabrics are better quality). As for the suits, I cannot say, since I have seen many Kitons, but never an Attolini suit. Where are they carried on the East Coast?
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