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Sartoria campagna vs. gianni campagna

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What exactly are the differences between these RTW labels?
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Cesare Attolini is a custom line, while Sartorio Attolini is RTW. I've never had the good fortune of laying eyes on a Campagna suit, so I can't comment on them.
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Sartoria Campagna is RTW, whereas "Gianni Campagna" is his custom line.
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Hem, I saw all of these 4 labels sold as RTW in a retail store here in Toronto. However some of them have the sleeves finished with real buttonholes. Porks?
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Which store was it? I've wanted to see Campagna for some time. Thanks.
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83 Bloor St. West, which is the name of the store as well as the address. I don't really have the eyes to notice what is so extraordinary about them. I did notice that the fabrics and the tailoring aren't as soft as the Neapolitan labels. Saw several marked down from CAD $6500-$7000 to $2500.
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I'd love to see the Campagna clothes, too. Does anybody know how they compare? But I can already conclude one thing about the company, already: they need some assistance with their website. Prince of "Whales", indeed.
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But I can already conclude one thing about the company, already: they need some assistance with their website. Prince of "Whales", indeed.
If you think that's funny, here's a blurb from Anna Matuozzo's site:
The first famous appraiser was Mariano Rubinacci, a customer who take care of reliable shirtmaker's name jealously, because shirtmaker was the only one that was able to give with her shits a touch of discreet elegance that all lovers of stylish dressing look for minutely, almost fanatically... After early dawn many names of prestige have joined, like...
Anna Matuozzo homepage I wonder if she'll add an "r" to "shits" to make "shirts?" Obviously a typo, but rather amusing IMO.
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Good one, BanksMiranda.
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By the way, we still seem to have some confusion about Attolini. I went back to the "Best Quality" suit thread of last year, and confirmed that there were some people who thought that there was only one Attolini RTW, which was called Sartoria Attolini. Others thought that there were two lines, one of which was called Sartorio, which was better than Sartoria and equivalent to Kiton. Still others thought that Sartorio was a diffusion line. To add more confusion, some of my RTW Attolini shirts are called Sartoria Attolini, while others have Cesare Attolini on the collar label -- even though the tags say Sartoria Attolini. Can anyone dispel this fog?
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I'm not sure if I'm dispelling the fog, but I have a Sartoria Attolini suit and sport coat, and if they are from a diffussion line, it's the most incredible diffusion line I've ever seen. To my untrained eye, those garments are as well put together as anything I've seen, be it bespoke or RTW. From what I've read, Sartorio is the next line down from Sartoria, supposedly aimed at a "younger" clientele, with Cesare being the custom line. All of this should be cleared up for good once the "Lines" link on the Attolini website get's up to speed.
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Correction: It's the "Collection" link, not the "Lines" link.
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JErwin, AHarris, et al But how can you account for my RTW "Cesare Attolini"? By the way, that website has been under construction for some time.
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Not sure, friendlyone. Like you, I've seen shirts labeled Cesare Attolini. The other day, I saw a tie on Ebay that was labeled that way, too. And, if memory serves, the supposed retail for the tie and the shirt was the same as for the merchandise labeled Sartoria Attolini.
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