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Tyrwhitt equivalents

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When it comes to shirts/ties/cufflinks/etc., I'm a big fan of Charles Tyrwhitt because of its bang-for-buck ratio and the value it provides.  Good quality, generally nice fabrics, and decent cuts (especially the slim fit shirts) for great prices. As a result, I've loaded up in recent months (a quick shout-out to the poster who graciously provided the 50%  off link a week or so ago -- I thank you, though my wife does not) on lots and lots of Tyrwhitt wares. So here's my point:  I'm generally a big fan of diversifying one's wardrobe, and usually hate loading up on any one marque as I've been doing here.  Also, Tyrwhitt is good , but not perfect (e.g., not enough slim fit alternatives, no button on the sleeve gauntlets, which I dislike, etc.)  So can anyone recommend a similar, preferably mail-order alternative with the same concept -- great bang for buck in the shirt/tie/links dept. (though I'd love to hear similar recommendations for shoes, suits, etc.)  Thanks for your anticipated help.
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I am also a big fan of CT, mostly for shirts and ties. I didn't particularly like the socks and shoes I ordered from them. I have ordered shirts from TM Lewin, but didn't like them as much as CT. TM Lewin is similar, but just not quite as good. I like shoes from I also like braces from Bic
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For good-value shirts, try Jantzen's Tailor - a HK-based establishment which has quite a following among members of this board. Its website allows you to specify your dimensions and choose the fabrics you want (so it's made-to-measure). Each shirt costs about US$40.00 - which is even cheaper than shirts from Charles Tyrwitt and TM Lewin during their Sale. They will then ship it to anywhere in the world to you. Do a search on this and Andy's Forum and you will see the many threads discussing about Jantzen's shirts. In terms of value, I think it's hard to beat. Does anyone here also buy things from Lands' End? They have fresh overstocks ( every Wednesday and Saturday when they offer items at a big mark-down. I think they offer very good value for money and I have bought quite a lot of things (mainly ties, but also belts, shoe-trees, shoe bags, shirts, jeans etc.) from them over the past few years.
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Hilditch and key is better in quality and value for money
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