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Your style icons

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Role models are important. We learn from their example while we form our own sense of what's right.So.... Who are your Style Icons? -They can be FICTIONAL characters (e.g. Richard Gere's character in "American Gigolo",Gordon Gecko,Danny Ocean)                              -or- -Anyone else,living or dead (e.g. Cary Grant,Frank Sinatra,Leon Hall-just kidding)
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Good question..... Mine are (for starters): Patrick Bateman (both the book and the movie American Psycho) Gordon Gecko Thomas Crown Anyone in Boiler Room Dylan McDermott Martin Vail in Primal Fear Tom Ford
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Hrm. Lots of people out there have great style but the ones that actually influenced me would have to be: -Giorgio Armani: Most of my clothing expenditures this year have been on armani stuff. This guy puts out the nicest clothes year after year. Hopefully he won't retire for a very very long time. -Pierce Brosnan: Impeccably dressed all the time, in movies and in life. -Patrick Bateman: This guy's overcoats influenced my decision to get one this year. Nice apartment too. Dont know how i initially forgot this one, it's what pushed me to start a new wardrobe a year and a half ago: Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions. The kid just oozes style throughout the movie. I especially like the scene where he's walking around heartbroken with that awesome black trench coat on and the aimee mann song in the background.
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@ GQ Lawyer: I feel the same way about "Boiler Room". I like the style of the Jewish guy. And "Ocean's 11" is great too, especially George Cl..
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My List:  -Danny Ocean and the rest (Ocean's 11)  -Frank Sinatra  -Pierce Brosnan (and the character of James Bond- no matter what actor)  -the style in Catcher in the Rye (not Holden's attitude, but definitely his wardrobe, and not the phonies' personalities, but they're clothes).
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My style role models:  James Bond - in books and movies  Kevin Costner - great, rugged, all-American style  Hugh Grant - bit of a British dandy - but always stylish  Charlie Rose - always impeccably turned out  and  Lawrence Kudlow - always has the best suits, ties and cufflinks on his McLoughlin Group and CNBC appearances.  Bradford
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Brad Pitt-mainly in fight club, but also red carpets, great suits. Dylan McDermott Denzel Washington George Clooney The Blues Brothers.
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Absolutely, these are great choices. Pierce Brosnan in Thomas Crown Brad Pitt's style in Fight Club Burce willis his is just a cool American badass \t\t\t\tParsonsdb -
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Agree with the Ryan Philippe choice. I had a correspondence with the costume designer of that film, Denise Wingate, who told me where she got all of the clothes for Ryan and the other actors. Her style for the Sebastian character has been the biggest influence on my wardrobe. Some highlights: - She introduced me to the wonderful design of Belgian designer Dries van Noten. The light tan jacket Ryan wears in the country estate scene where he shoots skeet is by van Noten. Dries van Noten is a bit hard to find in the states - Barneys NY is the only store I know of that carries his pieces. http://www.firstview.com/MENfall2001...TEN/index.html - The long black coat with the beautiful red lining that Ryan wears in those last scenes was custom-designer for the film and there are only three in existence. One was damaged from the scene with the car. The design of the coat is derivative of 18th century British footsoldier's jackets. If you ever watch Shakespeare plays, characters sometimes wear such jackets. I've been searching and searching and still can't find a jacket I like as much as that one. - That gorgeous suit he wears in the first scene is by Calvin Black Label (I picked one up myself after learning that) and that light brown wavy pattern tie is by Talbott. That rich blue shirt toward the end is Armani (who else?). - For anyone with girlfriends out there, that silver jacket that Katherine wears at one point is Bebe, and the pantsuit she wears in the first scene is by Gucci and although hard to see in the film, has stylish white pinstripes. It's a personal favorite.
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Great choices guys. It's nice to see that,though fashion changes from season to season, style endures.
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I don't really consider them style icons, but has anyone seen the show Nero Wolfe on A&E? It has Timothy Hutton and some other guy whose name I don't know. They are always impeccably turned out. It's a cool show, too.
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For me, it's Jude Law. I heard that in real life, he wears a lot of Jil Sander, which also happens to be my favorite brand (before she stopped designing.)
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Hmmmmm....how about Jude Law as Dickie Greenleaf and Matt Damon (as "Dickie Greenleaf") in The Talented Mr. Ripley? Also, all those great non-western Gary Cooper movies. He always wears the best looking suit and shirt.
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Anyone think of Tom Cruise in his movies. I personally like his clothes in Eyes Wide Shut (overcoats and suits); Top Gun (aviators and flight jackets). Definatly Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions; what shirt is he wearing in the scene at his aunts estate on Long Island (the black button down that looks as if its cashmere or something, i really want this shirt). Living in New York City i get alot of inspiration just walking around on the streets seeing what people are wearing. This is where i get most of my ideas from.
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