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Which Belstaff jacket?

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J.Crew has two different Belstaff jackets available right now and I'm planning on picking one up. I've always wanted a leather Belstaff. Both jackets are similar but slightly different styles. The Brad jacket is more of a motorcycle jacket and is shorter cut. The panther looks more like a classic Belstaff jacket and is a bit longer.

Which jacket would be more versatile? I'm looking for something that I can wear on a day to day basis in the city. When I goto work, I dress business casual with cotton dress pants and an OCBD. On the weekend, I'm usually wearing dark jens (APC) and either a tshirt or an OCBD. Which style of jacket would go better with this kind of look?

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I'd say go with the Brad jacket. Looks more BA to me.
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I'd suggest the Panther (classic cut) and wear it with everything but black. You ride bikes right? If that's the case, it's a bit flashy (until it gets some wear on it) but justified. Plus, you'll be the baddest motherfucker on Robson St.
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I like them both, but will say the Panther is tough to pull off if you're a smaller guy.
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They're both for wankers.

A leather Belstaff is an oxymoron, designed by an Italian company who are pimping the heritage of a great brand. If you want to go flash, look out something like the Sammy Miller limited editions. A reworked leather Belstaff is like a pair of velvet Levi's; it's just not right.
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Not fond of either. Look at something else.
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Was wondering about the Panther since I'm only 5'9 with pretty short legs. The brad might be better for that.

I also like this Cougar model quite a bit.

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That cougar model looks amazing
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I'd go with the one that looks like you didn't just put a leather jacket in a washing machine.
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The Brad gets more utilization. The Panther is a bit more of an oddity in normal day to day wear.
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anyone know about the sizing in the belstaff brad? I tried on the panther and I am medium,... would i be the same in the Brad cut?
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No experience with the Panther, but the Brad fits quite a bit smaller than the Roadmaster.
Enough to size up.
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Hmm the roadmaster looks pretty similar to the panther... So u suppoe I should size up?
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Def size up on both compared to the Roadmaster, which is a size up from the Che Guevera model, and possibly other Trialmaster models. When I was in NYC I tried on a bunch of them. Could just fit in a small Che Guevera but would have needed a medium, was a solid large in the Roadmaster and the Panther in a large was well too small, couldn't find a XL to try on but that would have done it.
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Slide u must be a big guy, I'm not sure of what to make of ur sizing
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