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Antichi Telai suits - any info?

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Does anyone have info on or experience with Antichi Telai?

The pics on their website ( aren't too inspiring.
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Well actually Antichi Telai's suits are extremely well built, using normally fabrics from Dormeuil and Holland & Sherry.

Indeed they do not show much online. The best thing to do is to visit their atelier in Rome. It's really worth it if you would like to get something truly exclusive.
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I'm lucky enough to have an Antichi Telai distributor near me. Their suits and sportcoats are extremely well constructed and the price point is decent. They have recently merged with Mabro so I hope that doesnt affect their quality too much. Most of their sportcoats are 2 button with a con rollino shoulder although I own a 3 roll-2 from them as well as a 3 roll 2-5 with exaggerated spalla camiccia. I have also run into SC's that were cut a little shorter but this is certainly not their norm. BTW the clothes on that hideous website have nothing to do with what they have in store.
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Totally agree. Their website in fact does not reflect at all, the beautiful goodies that you could find in their atelier.

And about the quality of their garments: they are far above the average tailors...!
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