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have you seen the LVC jeans for kids??? i almost bought a pair they were on sale at Levis Georgetown for $45.
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Originally Posted by familyman
My third one is wearing brand new clothes that were given to us for the first one. We simply had too many baby clothes for her to ever wear. If you have any more kids, just remember, they don't give you as much stuff when you have the next one.
knowing my mom, i just have to pray the next one won't be a girl !luc
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Our son is only a couple months, but slightly related, I see this childrens' fashion store is opening in our local mall and it is quite frightening what they're selling for kids nowdays... brands include; True Religion, Juicy Couture, Diesel, Ben Sherman, Seven For All Mankind, Frankie B., etc. etc.
And to reiterate, this store is for kids only, no adults.

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I am having a son in December and I hope he doesn't grow up thinking $265 jeans is the norm. I hope I don't impregnate him with my consumerist tendencies, but nevertheless, the kid must be stylish. I hope he is stylish in the sense of cheapmutha (thrifty, but well coordinated with quality clothes). I can only hope that I can teach him that price and quality are not always correlated.
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I dont have kids nor do i plan to, but when my gf and I get our matching miniature weiner dogs, Lulu and Alfie, we'll def dress them up like they were kids. yep, we're gonna be *those* kind of dog parents
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LVC selvedge denim for kids were on sale last week 50% off $49. but i flaked.
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I wonder if some kid's size Diesel jeans would fetch a high price on eBay with some vintage authentic formula stains on them?
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I'm trying to hook my nephews up with some j-crew polos. I seriously hate getting anything expensive for kids, cuz they'll all grow out of it. I can't wait to hand down some of my jackets someday.

I wonder if styleforum peeps'll have kids who post on here someday?
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I have two boys, 3-years and 5-months. People have given us some expensive stuff, Polo, Oilily, Jane & Jack, etc... but most of the stuff we buy is inexpensive.

I can't see spending a lot of money on clothing when they're just going to outgrow it so quickly.

Places like Old Navy, Baby Gap, Carter's Outlet, Disney Store Outlet and Costco are fine for now.

Our most recent purchase was two pairs of kid's Levi's at Costco for $9.99 each - size 3T & 4T (he'll grow into the second pair).

Also on shoes, we always wait for the 2 for 1 sales and buy two pairs (one a size up). Right now my oldest is wearing Elmo Sneakers, but he's got a nice pair of Nike's waiting for him.

I have bought a few cool shirts at a kids boutique I found here in town, but I haven't paid over $25 for any one shirt.

The other thought is kid's re-sale shops. There are a lot of those and you can let someone else pay the full price for clothing and then buy it "lightly" used.
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When our boy gets big enough to wear actual clothes as opposed to baby stuff, we'll probably hit Old Navy and the Gap. They've got sweet trendy clothing that is very similiar to adult trends for pretty cheap. Of course he'll be sportin' old school Vans like his pops too. The JCrew stuff looks awesome, but man, it'll be outgrown in a blink, and will be stained, soiled, dirtied constantly - hard for me to stomach that purchase. Who knows, maybe a baggy'ish JCrew jacket that he could wear for a while.
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A friend of mine gave me 2 pair of Levis 1 pocket buckle backs for my son (1 denim and one lt. blue cord) that he got from a friend at Levis. He actually ended up getting a ton of wear out of them, and now I'm going to pass the on to my 2 year old come the fall. I think I can squeeze a good year and a half out of them with him. Althought I didn't pay for them I have to say that had I, I would have thought they were worth it since my oldest wore them almost every day (just like dad) and I can pass them on to my little one.

I hate spending any major cash on kids stuff since they at some point get stained, ripped and beaten down pretty fast. Not to mention the fact that they grow like weeds, But I do have to say it's pretty funny to see your 3 year old in a pair of buckle back Levis, a duffer zip hoodie and slip on vans. It really trips some people out.
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i just bought my son a vintage 60s pleat fron selvage(LHT) denim jacket. thrift store. 2$. should fit him for the next year or 2..... i wish it fit me.
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