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Portugal Shoes & Clothes

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Just landed in Lisbon and took a stroll around town today. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for shopping, or if it's even worth it here?

Saw some very cheap goodyear welted shoes, just about the cheapest I've ever seen anywhere. The regular leather was pretty bad corrected grain I guess, but the suede looked okay. There was a sale at one store where goodyear welted shoes were 29 euros. This place: Even their regular prices are suspiciously low. The suede chukkas were pretty nice looking; unfortunately they didn't have my size.

I also saw some higher priced shoes that were made by a company called Martiano. These were about 140 euros for a suede shoe.

Anyway, any info is appreciated.
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Don't know if Vicri of Porto have a shop in Lisbon, I'd presume they do. They have some really fun shirts and suits, quality decent, and they have some sort of high line called £$YE that's really nice if they still do it.

Would have thought you'd be able to find some good value shoes, I'm aware various labels manufacture in Portugal but I'm afraid can't really be of help there.
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Thanks Iceball--will check out that place in Porto. Was thinking the same thing with shoes--there's got to be somewhere that sells high quality stuff made here. Will investigate next week.
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There are bound to be a few top quality shoe stores in Lisbon. The Port shoes in Australia are pretty good and well made.
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For luxury clothing Rosa&Teixeira in Avenida da Liberdade, all famous brands like Cucinnelli.

For shoes you may visit "Sapataria Orion", R. Garrett 42 1200 Lisboa, in the Baixa Area.

Enjoy your stay.
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I own three pairs of Nunes Correa shoes bought at the same sale last year while on vacation. They are going strong and I have no complaints.
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