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Sartoriale and Formale pants come with all Incotex, super 100's, and care tags. Sartoriale also come with the extra fabric used when you hem the pants. Formale might come with it also, but need to check.The cotton have the Incotex tags cut out.

Not a whole lot to say. Sartoriale's are navy, two pleats, US sized 34, made in Italy. Pretty much as classic a pair of trousers as anyone can own. The Formale's are grey flannel, two pleats, US sized 38, and again just a classic trouser. Made in Portugal. Both are Super 100's wool. The two cotton (khaki - EU56(US40), navy EU48(US32)) are 100% cotton, the navy are flat front, the khaki one pleat. Both made in Portugal. Sorry for the bad pics, I can send better to any who ask. If you purchased from me before, email me for a discount if you are interested in any of the pants.

Sartoriale - $150
Formale -$110
Cotton - $45

$5 shipping on all