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Pretty much any time i wear chino's, bd's, cardigans, sweaters, shoes other than converse/tigers, jackets that don't have epaulets and 18 front pockets. I have been openly asked by people if im gay because i'm wearing a button down. Some uni friends talk about my clothes behind my back, it's kinda flattering i guess, i mean we wear these things to be noticed and "bad publicity is better than no publicity". I was genuinely surprised when my boss knew that boat shoes aren't loafers and what my desert boots were, he was also able to tell (khaki) chino's from jeans. The funniest occurance was being critisized for keeping my white cp's clean. It's another common topic but it's easier to just deflect the questions instead of commenting on how much the clothes are worth.
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why would you keep your white sneakers clean
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Originally Posted by westinghouse View Post
To be fair, lots of those people have better things to spend their money on like children, mortgages, cars, taxes, insurance etc...

Originally Posted by snake View Post
sounds boring

Originally Posted by scribbles View Post
Those all sound like poor investments/ money pits to me.

+99. I enjoy every time someone, on a style forum, says there are better things to spend money on than clothes and things having to do with style. Surely, you have to know when you post that, that everyone on SF disagrees with that almost by definition by being a member and reading posts on this site.

And yeah, 18yr commitment or clothes... How can I possibly decide?!?

Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot View Post
A guy came into work today and tried to explain to me the fact that he had better style than I did because he owned 30 pairs of True Religions... stuff like that.

I can hardly imagine this interaction. What did you say? I'm genuinely very curious... I don't know what I would say to that.
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I'll admit, I keep my white Speedcats (yikes!) clean. Then again they are from my pre-SF lurking days. As for criticism, I tend to get away with most things just by letting people know I'm European. It tends to solve everything. I still get "why are you so dressed up?" occasionally, and every now and then people at parties will have their minds blown by the fact that I'm wearing a lavender button down, never mind that plenty of people there are wearing pink polos. Regardless, I don't mind it at all as it seems to be guys that criticize my clothing/style the most. The worst I've gotten from a girl is her asking one of my friends "is he gay?" After learning that I'm European, we hooked up, so I have no problem with that.
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I really don't hear much, good or bad.
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my flatmate once compared me to mr rogers and tosh.0 in the same sentence because i was wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt (it was cold in the apartment, so i was just wearing it to be warm, hadn't worn it outside). I thought it was funny, he wasn't saying it in a derogatory manner. apart from that i dont really catch any criticism because the way i dress is pretty boring by SF standards, button downs and dark jeans with dress shoes or sneakers. sometimes people say my clothes look too tight though, but i take that as a compliment because its usually from people wearing baggy clothes. and if people in baggy clothes say its too tight then it probably fits fine.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post
People i've recently met never give me shit. It's the people who've been there through the transition who give me shit. My flatmates had a bit of a laugh, but they're over it. My family also had a bit of a laugh, but it was good natured. That was also when i wasn't really pulling things off. Now that i do it with more confidence, noone says anything. either that or they don't care. or both.
Yeah, it's the close friends that I had before I got all SFed up that give me a little shit. Also because I switch to a shitty white tee and 501s before I skate lol My family's just happy that I look presentable, though they occasionally remark that I overdress, comes with the territory Oh, and everyone wants to cut my Margiela tags (0)
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Where I live you can wear pretty much anything you want, at worst you'll get a disapproving look. Last time I wore my yellow chino an old dude came up to me to say how awesome it was to see young blokes trying something else.
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yes, but then you live in France, so there's the downside.

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How is having the possibility of stalking Fuuma a downside?
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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post
why would you keep your white sneakers clean

why would i trash 300 dollar shoes? im not talking like i go home and clean them with a tooth brush and then polish them 8 times but i'm gonna brush dirt off if its there.
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^i have too many dirty white sneakers. I do try to keep atleast one pair fresh and clean, my CPs.
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I rarely get comments on my clothes. That's not a surprise since i dress very conservatively, which means leather shoes, raw denim and buttondowns. Sometimes sneakers and tshirts, but the dress shoe/buttondown combo is pretty much my uniform. I never wear cardigans or boat shoes with rolled up pants, let alone low crotch or some crazy asymmetrical runway shit. I never do boot tuck or stuff like that. Bright/funky colors or patterns are an absolute no-go. I know all this is standard here, but i just dont like it.
Yeah, that sounds boring as shit to most people, i know. But to me, clothes are never boring or exciting. An outfit just looks good or bad. So all my effort goes into finding the best possible "components" for my uniform in terms of look, quality and fit.

My goal is to have an understated, classic and time-less style that doesnt draw attention, so i guess its a good thing i dont get lots of comments
The only compliments i get are from people who are interested in clothes too and take a similar approach to the whole thing. And thats exactly what i want.
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last night, i found out that an orange shirt, jeans, and white purcells = gay.
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I never really get any shit at all.
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