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Hello, I mainly post on Ask Andy and was directed here to try to offer these pants for sale. I bought these at a time that I had lost weight I did not need to loose, and now they are, shall I say, a bit tight. They are let out all the way, one pair measures just under 34, one just at 34 and one just a tad over 34. I wear 34 inch waist pants and let them out just a little as I do not like anything that is tight, I would rather use my belt if needed (you know, after 50 you need to plan for mid day spread )

So I have 3 pair of canali wool slacks (4 season), 32 waist, double pleats, hardly worn. They are Olive, Black and Navy. They are shortened to about 29 (maybe a little more, with a bit longer in the back (angled) with no cuff and there is about 2 1/2 inches of material under the hem line. All have been freshly dry cleaned.

I have pics I can send if you provide me with your email and you can email me off list if you like, email is in my profile or a private message.

I would like to get $75 a pair plus shipping but I would accept offers that are fair if this price seems high.

Thank you, if they do not sell I will probably donate to charity and just take the write off.

Joel Stern