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Five days in Dublin, 5 days in London...what would you do?

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In a few days I'll be venturing over to Ireland and England for 10 days total. I've only spent time on mainland Europe, so I've always wanted to see a bit of both of these countries.

In Dublin, I'd like to find a way to see some seacliffs...otherwise my plan is just to walk around and maybe see the Guinness brewery.

In London, I'm gonna go see Jermyn Street and Trafalgar square.

That's literally all I have planned for 10 days.

It seems most SFers are quite well traveled, so if you could help me add some cool things to the list I would greatly appreciate it.
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London- Savile Row London Eye if you don't mind something a little touristy Oxford Street Also take a walk through the City on a workday - lots of sharp dressed people.
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For seaside cliffs I believe the Cliffs of Moher are the place to go. If you're interested in sports, catch a hurling match while in Ireland. Football isn't in season right now, but teams should be having pre-season in England so you should be able to catch a good match relatively cheaply.
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Dublin - if you're there for five days, I suggest take one day to take the train up to Belfast and do the hop-on-hop-off bus tour. Belfast is fascinating and actually lovely. For cliffs I agree - the Cliffs of Moher are the way to go, but that would require going across the country (via train) to Galway and then catching a bus tour. But they are breathtaking, so could be worth it.

In Dublin, the party area is Temple Bar. In terms of tourist-y stuff, the Guiness Storehouse for a pretty sweet tour. I recommend the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour for that, too, because you get taken out to the Storehouse as it's a little on the outskirts. Kilmainham Gaol is pretty amazing as well. O'Connell street is the main drag. I've only spent about a week total in Dublin, and that was visiting a friend, so I've not done a lot of tourist stuff. However, at Trinity College you can go see the book of Kells, which is pretty fantastic.

As for London - you can visit the Houses of Parliament (hey look kids, it's Big Ben!), go to Westminster Abbey (see Elizabeth I's tomb), walk along the south bank of the Thams (Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe theater, loads of pubs and great view), walk up the 500+ steps to the top of St. Pauls for fantastic views, go to the Tower (even people who don't usually go for that sort of thing usually love it) and Tower Bridge, take a boat cruise, go to Regents Park (Queen's garden has fantastic roses in bloom right now), Hyde Park and St. James's park.

If you have questions on specific details, PM me.

Have fun!
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Trinity College and the Book of Kells are worth a visit, and the Guinness Brewery too, probably (although I've not been there myself). O'Connell street is one main drag, but slightly more down-at-heel; I'd avoid spending too much time north of the river after dark, as it can get a bit sketchy. The more upmarket shopping street is Grafton street (though nothing special). Temple bar is the main night-clubby area (and there are also some cool independent clothes/record shops around there too), but it often gets full of stag/hen parties at night (and it's known as "Temple Barf" for a reason), but there are better pubs (I like the Stag's Head on Dame court), and cooler clubs up on Aungier St/ Lower Camden Street (e.g., Anseo, The Village, Whelan's), where you might catch a band. But five days is a long time to spend in Dublin. If you can get out to the west coast, it's well worth it. In five days, you could spend a couple of days in Dublin, and then take a three-day excursion via Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, West Cork and Cork city, and then back up to Dublin in plenty of time -- especially if you rent a car (which I'd recommend as the public transport here is abysmal). Alternatively, fuck the Dubs and come and spend the whole time down in the "Real Capital." It's grand, like
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