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I second the nomination of dark brown shoes. Save your black shoes for your black and charcoal suits. However, I don't think that a light or even light-medium brown would look that good for business. You also asked about shirts and ties. Blue looks very good with brown. So I would suggest that you get a couple of light blue shirts--maybe one in sky and the other maybe just slightly darker, but not approaching a mid blue. Ties that have both blue and brown in them will go extremely well with this suit/shirt combination. The tie pictured below would be smashing:


I actually have this tie, and I wear it with a brown twill sports jacket and shirts in several shades of blue. Jonathan Fischer at FourInHandTies has lots of terrific ties at very good prices. (Disclaimer: I have no business relationship with FIHTies; I'm just an extremely happy customer.)

Other shirt colors that work well with brown are cream, ecru (just a little browner than cream, but still very light), and, of course, white. You could probably find something a little further out there that would work too--like a pink or taupe. My recommendation might be to keep to plain colors in shirts, given the pinstripe in the suit. Doing so would open up lots of possibilities for the ties--striped, foulards, other patterns, just about anything.

Good luck! This should be fun for you.

Edit: One last thing: I would suggest that you pick up a dark brown belt to wear with the dark brown shoes. The shade of brown doesn't have to perfectly match the shoes, so that if the belt has a touch of red mixed in (or the shoes do) whereas the shoes don't, that won't be a problem. I would, however, go with dark and dark.
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G'day Roger,

Thanks heaps for that advice, I never would have thought that blue mixed with the brown would work but can see what you are saying. Loved that tie by the way, but unfortunately out of stock! Shame, but I'll have a look at that site for other ties as their stuff looks excellent.

Thanks as well for the advice re the shoes and belts and for the other shirt colours as well. That was exactly the sort of information I was after.


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