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Help me find these shoes...

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I was looking for something like that for a long time - and Im just tired now - so I registered here just to ask this question. Please take a look: These are obviousely two different pairs of shoes - Im looking for something like this - simple, minimal - non trendy design. I also prefer my soles and heels not to be thick (but not very thin either) - thats what I dont really like about those onthe whita background. Something more (if not exactly) like the ones on the black background. I know that Acne jeans has something that looks like that - but those are nowhere to be found here in Minneapolis or on the web. The second pair kinda looks like a military surplus pair - but if you look closely - they are not really like something you can find in a millitary store - first af all - its a texture and the other detail is that if you look closer - there's some sort if a round leather label hanging on the lace - that what makes me think that they are brand name shoes.... Whatever you may suggest - I really appreciate any suggestions or clues.... Where can I find something like that?
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The distressed pair are probably John Varvatos. Check ebay and you will find many similar pairs.
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For the first pair, look through Yoox. I always seem to see shoes much like that on there. No specifics though - sorry.
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