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How Did You Meet Your Wife/Fiance'/Girlfriend?

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Ok, did you meet your wife/fiance'/girlfriend? I met mine at a corporate party that our office (of the place I was working at, at the time) was having. It was a triple girl from Customer Service just got engaged to a guy from the Sales department, another girl was celebrating a birthday and I had gotten a promotion to the accounting department. I brought a buddy of mine along with me that night to the piano bar the party was at and noticed her from across the room. Her friend left her to go to the bathroom (which, in my opinion, has always been a violation of one of the "Cardinal Rules" of women...ladies, you never leave your friend out in the open like that... ) I walked up and said "What, your punk friend just left you all alone?!" She laughed, we started talking, kissed later that night and the rest is history.
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Newb! Use the search function!
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i met my wife on planet venus
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Because four existing threads about this topic in as many days were simply not enough!
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I was a male dancer at a chippendale's rip-off in our small town called "chaps and tails" when she walked in with her group... I didn't know it was her bridal shower, and by the time my dance came (I was probably 4th or 5th) she was half-drunk and starting to lose her inhibitions. well I don't want to go into details but lets just say after slapping her dear aunt ethel with my hard throbbing member, and having her drunk slutty sister kiss my scrotum, I was a welcome part of her family right then and there. anyway, after my signature moves while rico suave is playing she finally fell for me. she broke off her engagement the following day and from thereon I stayed with her in her apartment. the only thing I don't like about our arrangement is she wants me to wear the leopard g-string everytime I'm in the apartment, even during winter.
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I was the best man in her first wedding.
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I met her at your place while you were away on business.

Also, obvious troll is obvious.
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we were childhood sweethearts, sort of. actually, everyone was surprised we ended up together because our backgrounds were just so different. when we met, she was the teenage queen of a Federation planet, i was a snot-nosed kid from Tatooine...
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years ago, I was cleaning pool at this classyguy's mom's house.........
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Her and 11 of her peers found me innocent.
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Lying across lawn chairs at the plasma clinic, our eyes met.
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Met my girlfriend during my 9th grade year in high school when I hit her with a ping pong ball. 12th grade year, we decided to give "us" a try
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In a high school English class.

I still remember exactly what she was wearing the first time I saw her. I made her keep the shirt.
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