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A nudie by any other name is a nudie....
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Originally Posted by rnrswitch
I have seen one person in Santa Barbara wearing them

That might have been me. I probably looked like a slob, too. The forum has eyes everywhere! I haven't seen them on anyone else yet.

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No question to me that Nudie is THE best mass-market brand. It's like 7FAM on women: sure they're huge, but how can you complain? They tend to look great. Of course, they're still not huge by any means. Where I have a feeling at least 40% of all 18-25 year olds know Seven jeans, I'd say somewhere in the 0.1% - 0.15% know of Nudie. The appeal is somewhat similar though. Openly branded, democratic-fitting denim with a strong market presence. Then again, I could just be getting giddy from my new pair of Nudies. Still on the honeymoon with these ones.
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ive seen one person in jacksonville with dry ralphs. i wasnt really that impressed. ive thought about a pair, but not now, especially since i have a pair of canes 45s coming in the mail to me.
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To date - I personally have not seen anyone in NYC wearing Nudies. I am sure many are but I have not come across any. Unlike 7FAM which I saw on a tonne of people just on my way to work this morning.

Btw.... nevermind, i'll start a new thread for this one.........
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I've never seen them outside of store employees and im in LA.
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Weird. I've seen about 15 pairs in Toronto; half of them were worn huge and loose by hypebeasty kids wearing AF1s.
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I'm in LA and have only seen Nudies on store employees (Traffic and A.Rag).....except I did see 2 girls wearing Nudies in Santa Monica, but they were obviously swedish tourists as they were carrying big backpacks and speaking Svenska. Oh yea, I did see a fellow wearing nudies at the Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this year.
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I live in Santa Cruz and attend the UC here. I saw a student wearing a pair of dry nudies on campus, and they looked great, super dirty lol.
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Were they hella mint? If so, chances are...
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DC Nudie report! I've seen 'em on employees in the Co-ops and Denimbar, and on dudes shopping in georgetown who looked like they were trying pretty hard. Haven't seen them out in bars/rock venues, though maybe they're cool in clubs, I dunno. Maybe I'm just running with the wrong crowd.

The Big Man?
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Originally Posted by twin8885
What store do you work at? You obviously dont work at Jake, Guise or E Street Denim because those are the only 3 stores carrying Nudie in Chicago. If i had to guess you probably work at the denim lounge.

Barneys also carries Nudie in Chicago, albeit in very limited fashion (only Straight Svens and Regular Ralff's last I saw).
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I have seen only a handful of people wearing Nudies in San Francisco, and I am nearly positive they were all Swedish tourists.
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha

No, actually, alexbigman goes to my school. He's the first person I ever saw wearing Nudies. He tapped my shoulder when I walked downstairs he was walking up, and he pointed at his back pockets and I was like "ahh yea Nudies," then we had a really short conversation. He's a friendly person. No idea why he's such a weirdo online.
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