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Originally Posted by tbcthk View Post
I should add that I am from Hong Kong, so Cantonese is my primary language. Maybe the tailors will better understand what I want?

Even if you speak the same language, communicating what you want to a tailor is a language skill you only learn with experience.

Custom clothing has a learning curve. At the start, you only know what you don't want when you get it. Some things can be corrected over the course of fittings (if you get them) but some cannot.

If you have the money and you need clothes, and you're in NYC, why not make the bespoke stuff the thin end of the wedge. Get RTW mostly, and commission one piece or two from someone to begin a relationship.
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Originally Posted by Slewfoot View Post
I find Peter's prices can vary greatly depending on fabric. I just try and choose the less expensive ones!

I don't know about that. I've paid this much for his "in-house" fabrics, ends of bolts, nothing special.

I think he's just adjusted his prices since becoming something of a forum icon, with lots of new people beating a path to his door.

To the OP: I would only do bespoke if you can go to Peter Lee at minimum. But buying multiple suits in one fell swoop will be difficult if adjustments are required after the first - and adjustments are always required after the first.

Going to a lesser tailor for your first shot is going to lead to disappointment, and if that's the case, then going OTR may be a better call.

As for trousers: Even Jantzen charges like $150 for their shitty trousers - there I think going OTR is the clearly superior option.
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I would also counsel against ordering two suits at once from any bespoke tailor, be it W.W. Chan or Henry Poole, for that matter. Once the tailor has had a chance to see the completed garment and tweak the pattern a bit, subsequent efforts will be distinctly better. My first suit from Chan was a decent, attractive, satisfactory garment, but I like my subsequent garments from Chan better.
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Thanks for the response guys. I will probably get my slacks, ties, belts and shoes OTR in the US. Suits and shirts in HK. Just asked Peter Lee and he said a suit with cloth included will range from $350-$580. Not too bad. Will get a trial shirt from Jantzen and adjust it until I am happy with it. Any more helpful advice? Thanks.
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Let us know how it turned out. I'm also doing a similar trip (going to HK for one full week) and want to make the most of the trip.
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just get all the things u need from Armani (ga/ea/aj) during sales
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