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Bold colors

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Having got my fill of pastel shirts, I'm wanting to buy some bold colored ones. Since I am completely color inept, I'd love some advice on what would look good with a dark haired, pale skinned person (winter complexion). I have 3 suits; dark grey, navy pin, and yeah versatility is good. Not that I don't think solid colors aren't versatile. But, I don't know...dark/bold colors are more iffy on me than pastels. What do ya think? I'd love to get a place to start idea mining here.
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I love them. I wear hot pink, coral, lilac, lime green etc.
The suits you mentioned would work well. For me, the color of the shirt does the work, so you can tone down the tie and pocket square quite a bit. given a chance I found that my options really open up.

For winter, darker shades, but the unexpected color on a sunny fall / winter day is ok in my book.

Dark suits seem to allow more options. Middle greys, you have to pay attention to contrast.
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Thanks, and you are right....for me at least, the grey is the hardest thing to find colors for.
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Bold colours on shirts work better in stripes. (I do not consider lilac, sage green, icy pink bold). They will likely work better on your complexion if they have a white or light-coloured base.
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Originally Posted by whoopee
Bold colours on shirts work better in stripes.

I agree with this. Also, dark/bold solids tend to show fading very badly.
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Go far it. I've got a orange corduroy shirt, apple green pants, nantucket red pants, etc. Deversity is an important part of one's wardrobe.
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They also work well in other patterns. Checks (ginghams, especially) and less common patterns like pin dot, etc.
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I like electric blue, and I also have some interesting patterned shirts. Typically stripes do allow you have a bit more craziness in my experience.
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Please be more specific about your hair and eye color.
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As I like dark suits, blue and black mostly, and often I don't wear ties, I spice them up with the shirts and socks... so Turquoise, Pink, Red, Bright Yellow, Orange, Apple Green, lilac, violet..
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Buy those bold colors that make you happy-

and I think others will like your decision
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I would stick with the existing combination of light coloured/pastel shirts since you have the high contrast bit taken care of with your navy and dark suits. A bold coloured shirt would tend to overwhelm the entire colour ensemble. Being a winter complexion a light suit coupled with bold shirts might not work well for you. You might get away with a black/dark suit with some bold solids like blue (with yellow silk tie) but that tends to look contrived.

Just my two pence.
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I am particulalry fond of a bold blue, purples, greens, and pinks. I avoid red simply because I don't think I look particularly good in it. I would say that light green and pale pink are easy to wear in solids, but any of these in real bold colors do look better in patterns like gingham, etc.

I would think that matching the grey shouldn't be too hard. In the end, of course, the advice I'd give is the same that we all give a lot: try stuff on.

Go to your local shop and grab a grey jacket off the rack and a bunch of shirts.

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You can incorporate bold colors but should try to do so without any item dominiating your look.

If you review photos of the great dressers, nothing stands out. The way to do this with bolder colors is to use patterns to achieve a blend. For example, a gray sharkskin suit combined with a pink and white bengal striped shirt and a rose foulard necktie with white in it.
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