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Choosing the right suit silhouette...

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I've got a relatively long torso and relatively short legs. I'm wondering what sort of suit silhouette might look best on me, i.e., make me look like my torso's a little bit shorter and my legs look like they're a little bit longer. Is a shorter jacket the best way to accomplish this? Any difference between a slimmer Italian cut vs. a more American cut?

For what it's worth, I'm 5-10, 175 lbs, wear a 40 reg, 34-inch waist. Thanks for any advice you may have.
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This is a broad question and without seeing you, I won't be too specific. This is one thing that helps your proportion regardless of the suit style you pick. A high waist in the jacket. Shape the waist above the button on your waistline. This will add definition to your torso and lengthen the line from waist line down.
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Yes, the waist is a good point, one that most image professionals are slow to think of.

Other ideas, which are a bit risky because only you know your exact proportions, include flap pockets and a slightly lower button stance on the jacket. You can do without cuffs on the pants, but then you probably should do without pleats, which is venturing into Italian suit styling. Also, there are tricks that aren't part of the suit itself, such as matching the shoe color to the suit color.
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Go to Saks or NM and try on the various styles you thinking about and ask the sale people for their advice. Take some pictures and post them of what you are considering. The forum members are always willing to share their opinions.
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