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Originally Posted by rdawson808
On a completely unrelated note, the tri-plex penthouse at the Pierre is for sale for a meager $70 million.

Perhaps it would suffice as a pied a terre.


I clicked on: "View more listings like this" and the next property on the list is a mere $15 million, quite a bargain, no?

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The Parker Meridien is reasonably priced for Manhattan (I paid $280 for a double) and located in a pretty upscale part of Midtown (57th & 6th). The IKEA-esque rooms and mirrored lobby were reminiscent of a three-star European business hotel. My one reservation is that it lacked a bar. Otherwise, a good place to crash for a night or two. I've heard the W Hotel in Times Sq. is a happening place for the twenty-someting crowd. I couldn't get a weekend rez there.
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For budget i recommend Howard Johnsons plaza hotel and if you want to do it good do it Ritz, best service in town.
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Originally Posted by jonglover
On my recent trip up I stayed at The Gershwin ( Besides the Warhol self-portrait / signed Cambell's soup can in the lobby and the very hot French girl working the front desk, I would recommend nobody ever stay there despite the appealing price and artwork. Shoddy rooms (we had a suite and even still it reminded me of the terrible dorm rooms I had at overseas soccer school), water temp. in the showers that range from too cold to way too hot (I almost killed myself one time trying to escape a scalding), the linens were harsh, wi-fi didn't work properly, never gave us enough towels, pethetic coffee bar in the lobby is expensive, the remote for my room didn't work (the TVs are Samsung LCD panels so you need a remote to switch channels), never gave me the wake up call I requested and ended up getting jipped on the parking. I'm probably missing a few points. It is however located next to The Museum of Sex, so yeah, there's that...

I hope you did not pay for this!!!! One should refuse, it will teach them hospitality lol!
And if the management doesn't negociate, u pretend u will sue them, and it works hehe...
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Wow, you guys don't skimp on your hotels. Anyway, since money looks like no-object to this thread, some trendier places are,

I also highly recommend this website for unordinary hotels worldwide.
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Originally Posted by kennethpollock
I understand that the Muse is the only boutique hotel with good-sized rooms
The rooms at the Muse are big by NYC standards (which is to say moderate or small compared to other North American cities). Both rooms my family were put in were very awkwardly shaped making the extra space a moot point. The service was also very underwhelming as well. Check out the W if you want to stay Midtown. The SoHo Grand is fantastic but pricey (and IMO better than their sister property the Tribeca Grand).

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We've always had great results by going to and getting a list of hotel room locations and prices. I'm sure there are many other web site that can do the same.
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