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Excellent, thanks otc.
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There are so many important elements in the inner ear one of this is cochlea. Its structure is composed many parts and it includes thousands of tiny hairs. If you listen loud sounds for long time you will kill those nerve cells which is begin to experience hearing loss.
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Tinnitus can be caused by stress, bad health and noise. We will see some good research within the decade. http://jazzofilo.blogspot.com/2010/0...akthrough.html
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I use these Sennheiser:

I find that most earbuds fall out of my ears as I exercise, so I constantly have to push them in my ears and turn up my music to compensate for the looseness. The arm on these Sennheisers keeps the earbuds securely in place- they have never fallen out of my ears no matter how sweaty I get or how vigorous the exercise. I can also listen to my music at lower volumes because the fit is secure. They come with a bunch of different pads so you can adjust them to your ears.
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