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Houndstooth Sportcoats

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Just getting into sport coats and recently I saw a cool houndstooth one but I'm really wondering if that is appropriate for college.

Who is houndstooth fabric really for?

What season is most proper to wear it?

And finally, what houndstooth colors work best?

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Houndstooth is generally a country fabric and I tend to associate it with winter/fall clothing. Colors range from navy/cream and black/cream to shades of brown and, in some cases, a moss green. You can get houndstooth coats in linen/flax from Ralph Lauren and others for summer wear, but I've not been able to get myself to buy one. You may feel differently... In college, I might wear a slim-cut brown houndstooth (the most classic, IMHO, though the navy/cream is quite common, too) with jeans, moleskins or cords. Not sure what your style is, but houndstooth can either go thriftstore chic or totally trad depending on how you wear it. If you go too trad, I'd worry about being seen as impersonating the professors...
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Houndstooth is most college ready. Why, the NYT crossword puzzle had a question of what would an English prof wear? this week.
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I gave mine to a fellow professor because I'd had it for a long time. He walks in recently with it on...I said, "damn that jacket still looks good...can i have it back?" He refused
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