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Stavros Master Tailor of Toronto

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I am seriously thinking about getting a bespoke suite made by Stavros. Has anyone had the pleasure of getting a suit made by Stavros? Can anyone comment on his workmanship? The website says that the suits are entirely made by hand on the premises. I believe his suits start at $3,500.00, can anyone confirm this? Any information would be much appreciated.
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Even though I live in Toronto, I can't say I'm familiar with tailors here... but $3500 seems to be really, really steep for an initial price. Seems like you're paying for the Yorkville address, upscale decor and website fees and not for the garment per se. But if someone has experience with Stavros I'd really like to hear how it went, too.

For my first suit I thought about going to Trend Custom Tailors on Spadina for a CMT, prices seem to be more reasonable at $700 to $1700. They were mentioned on the board a while back. To me this seems the far better option unless Stavros does something special noone else in T.O. does or Trend is disappointing...
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I think that you are paying a premium price for location.  It's not easy to find a good tailor as any one that is a true craftsman that is unique and has high standards.  He is also current with the newest trends and can guide you and help you choose the right fabrics, style and details.  Such a person is Jean-Paul Lo Giacco - custom tailor and shirtmaker at 162 Davenport Road, Toronto.

His number is 416  926-9799.  He is on the second floor now because he leased the main floor to a travel agency.  Jean-Paul

will design your suit and shirts and look after you better than anyone else I have talked to in the profession.  That is what he did for my boyfriend and he has been all his suits and shirts from him for years now.

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