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Private waredbrober

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Are these people just over glorified personal shoppers?
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No a wardrober does more than that. I used one for a while when I didn't have time to shop and my size had changed. I think the largest difference is most wardrobers use their own brand label - they have a relationship with different shops but private label it or at least mine did. I could still get labels but for profit reasons the private label was pushed. A personal shopper either it tied to a store or independent. A wardrober actually goes into your closet and seeks out what works best for you. Also mine built a database of clothes for me that was on a webserver which could link into my schedule so I could tell you what I wore the last time I had a meeting with... As I was traveling when I used a wardrober they tried to find things that made it easy for me to wear in different settings. The service was good for putting outfits together on the fly. A support staff person was able to pack for me if necessary which was frequently the case. The wardrober person also replaced pieces. They tried to develop a style for you and then follow it. As I was traveling to different cultures, they had to adjust for this and did a decent job of it. I stopped the service because I felt like a Grananimal. Everything was coordinated for me and I still felt like the style was more that of the wardrober than mine. His style was very conservative which ok for what I was doing but not individual. Read solid suits, white shirts and plain ties; sort of more conservative Don Trump look. So for the cost I felt I could do this. The cost was high. I think the wardrobe person doubled the cost of everything. Thus there were times I think when they added things to my wardrobe that were of lesser quality for profit reasons. They frequently added things to "My Collection" with their own brand name. I gap in service for me was that I had a hard time maintaining things. The wardrober kept wanting to replace things and I needed someone to launder, clean... So today I have someone do these things and I do the fun part of shopping when I have time. Resources like this site help me find great deals...
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Forget about that, look at this: I mean good God. Lapis Lazuli? 22-Karat Gold? It's just a bit much, no? Jon.
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Forget about that, look at this: I mean good God. Lapis Lazuli? 22-Karat Gold? It's just a bit much, no? Jon.
I purchased five 22 karat gold suits a few years back when the price of gold was low. Is that what people on this board are talking about when they use the term "investment piece"?
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Fabrics made from precious metals aren't something new. For example Helmut Lang expremimented with fluid cloth woven out of silver a while back. And of course the royalty of China, and France donned garments of various woven metals as well. However one doesn't hear much of gemstone dyed cloths. If not only in the modern times. I am quite sure the color is unfathomably vibrant.
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