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Originally Posted by gankam View Post

all of the money upfront.

Never do this.

Run, don't walk, and find another tailor.

- M
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Originally Posted by noir View Post

Pretty much the same experience as Chandrachandra--horrible customer service, horrible endproduct. Suit fit worse than an OTR. Sent it back for them to fix, still haven't received anything yet. It's been about 6 months since they took payment. Wish I could do a chargeback but doubt it'd go through given how long it's been already. Wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but seriously my patience is wearing thin.
6 months to address my complaints--ample time if you ask me. Just letting anyone who is considering them to beware. They have a no refund policy FYI. Tired of dealing with this BS from them but AJ (the manager) just told me to shove it, so here I am, 6 months and counting.

Have you tried sending a PM to Hira's SF Rep regarding your order? Might be more responsive than however else you've been trying to contact them.
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My experience with Hiras has been awful.  I'm 6'3" with long arms, and off-the-rack suits never fit properly so I thought I'd try Hiras.  I paid $900 CDN for a suit and shirt.  I was obviously measured incorrectly, as both the suit jacket and shirt arrived nearly 2 inches too short (worse than any off-the-rack suit I've ever purchased).  And the quality of the shirt was so poor that I'll likely never wear it (even if it is replaced with a properly fitting one, which I doubt it will be).  When I challenged them to refund or fix the items, their response was "don't worry, we'll take care of you -- we'll be through town next on July 1 and 2".  I informed them that July 1 is a Statuatory Holiday in Canada which falls on a Sunday this year, so most companies will respect the holiday on the 2nd, and that I suspected nobody (including myself) will be around to spend their long weekend waiting for a suit to be fixed.  I've heard nothing back.  I've emailed multiple times over the past 2 weeks-- both to the tailor who did my measurements and to the company itself -- and have had no response.


I called my credit card company and was informed that there is no recourse -- if the suit was delivered (even if the quality and fit is so poor the product is unusable), then there isn't anything that the credit card company can do, especially since the company is not North American.


I feel like I was scammed -- plenty of talk during my fitting about how they produced quality merchandise and took care of their customers, but when it came down to it, they wouldn't stand behind their product.


An alternative route which I've found successful -- go to a local tailor and offer them $50 to take all your measurements.  Then use those to order your suits online.  There are numerous companies that I've found thorugh eBay that can custom-make suits to fit based on measurements, which are of FAR superior quality to the one that Hiras made for me, at about 1/3 to 1/2 of the price. 

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I've had a really frustrating experience trying to get a couple of decent fitting suits out of Hiras and would warn against using them. I ordered two suits and paid in full, up front. Hiras first attempt, measured by Andy Hira in Sydney, was way off the mark. At least two sizes too big in the chest and completely out of balance.


I took it back for a second fitting with Mr Hira Snr. His comment "it's a bit loose" was the understatement of the year. It's supposed to be the first attempt at a custom fit - I wouldn't expect it to be 100% perfect but it should be reasonably close. It was more like it was made for someone else. I optimisticaly returned the two jackets for "adjustments". I should have understood at that point that a jacket cut so wronf could not possibly be "adjusted" back to a good fit. The jackets came back weeks later, still too large in the chest, now too short (although I had never complained about the length), back/front still out of balance and not fitting properly in any dimension.


Once again I took them back to Hira on their next visit too Sydney. Andy Hira was all apologies, but refused a refund saying "we just keep going until the customer is happy". He re-measured and said they would cut a completely new suit and send new trousers with them if a new bolt of cloth was used for the third attempt at the jackets in order to match the shade of colour. The third attempt at the jackets just arrived with two additional pairs of trousers per suit. The jackets are now far too small, out of balance, not canvassed properly and have poor quality stiching on the lining.


I wanted two suits. I now have six pairs of trousers (all too large) and two jackets that are too small and of low quality, and a gut full of resentment at the incompents at Hiras who have taken my money and wasted my time. It shouldn't take three attempts to make a jacket fit. Calling themselves "Master Fitters" is a hoax.


What I now want is a full refund, but if you use an overseas tailor there is no way to get this. There is no way to insist on even a basic level of quality. Buyer beware - and don't buy from Hiras.

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Thanks for your snide remark. A couple of things spring to mind on reading it. I'm no mathematician, but I'd say it was one post, not zero posts. And one post can hardly be described as incessant.

Apart from your innumerate oxymoron, what exactly are you contributing to the forum in terms of whether you can get a good suit from Hiras Fashion? What's your interest in decrying anyone who says anything bad about Hiras? You seem to invest quite a bit of time and energy on it. Why do you think it impossible that a genuine customer, who has had a bad experience buying a suit from Hiras, would go to an online forum and post a frank description of it? Why would amassing a large numbe of posts along the lines of your snide remarks agaist forum members make you a more genuine or insightful source of information?

My reason for posting about Hiras on this forum is simply that they have taken a couple of thousand dollars of my hard earned money and failed to deliver a good suit. I'm angry about that, particularly as they refuse to refund and I have to spend more time and emotion dealing with. I also really need a suit for work, and I should go and buy one elsewhere - but guess who has my cash...

So posting here is partly about letting some of the frustration out. I've been ripped off by Hiras and, sure, I want to shout about it. But that doesn't mean I'm a "spammer", a "troll", or someone with a commercial interest in knocking Hiras. I'm a customer, with a finite budget to spend on clothes, a liking for a well crafted suit, and a strong dislike for spending time arguing with tailors.
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Originally Posted by Burnt View Post

I took it back for a second fitting with Mr Hira Snr.


Are they father and son tailors?

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I have yet to experience any of the major errors others have reported. To date, I have had three odd jackets, seven suits and twenty-one shirts made. "Quality" bespoke tailoring in Canada is almost non-existent. I could travel to America where the options are greater but at this point I do not have the time nor inclination to do so. So, from a rational viewpoint I decided to take a chance with Hiras and will continue to work with them.

Developing a relationship with any tailor is a process and it takes time to finally get the fit dialed in. My initial jackets and suits were fine and only a few tweaks were required. I even provided them with a pair of trousers to serve as a prototype which they faithfully replicated. Sorry Epaulet!

I did return my first shirt order for a redo because the right cuff dimension was off and they made it right.

The biggest frustration is fabric selection; the books change from visit to visit and often they do not have what I am looking for. I think most people who use them buy their package deals with cheaper but serviceable suiting. While they do have "luxury" offerings from Holland and Sherry and the like they are oblivious (at least it seems to me) about Minnis, Fox and other English mills. It has been a pain to find acceptable flannels. The fitter has no concept about fabric weight. Their coating fabrics are quite thin especially for Canada. Life ain't perfect. However to their credit they have said I could do CMT.

So, is it perfect? No, but all it has cost me (beyond the reasonable prices) has been the time i take to ensure they understand and meet my expectations.

My two cents.
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I made the mistake of placing an order with Hiras. You can see photos of what I got by going here -


I sent everything back, but they refuse to issue me a refund.


At this point, Hiras has over $1,600 of my money and I have nothing!

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What is going on in this thread? Lol
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Originally Posted by Wallcloud View Post

What is going on in this thread? Lol

Looks like a bunch of (understandably) cranky Hiras customers. 


I always wondered how this traveling "bespoke" stuff worked. My own experience with MTM and custom tailoring is that it takes quite a number of tweaks to get things the way you want. I find this to be especially true with full custom tailoring, where I have never had the process take less than 5 or so sessions, from basted fitting onwards, before everything was to my liking (the end results are remarkable, but it is not a process for the impatient). Hiras claim they are making fully custom suits with no set pattern, but how do they do the basted fitting, which is (based on my limited knowledge of tailoring) critical in establishing your actual working pattern, if they just run off with your measurements? Even when getting far more basic MTM at, for example, BB or Paul Stuart, it usually takes multiple adjustments before things fit well.


I don't get how taking some measurements and then mailing a finished garment is going to work out well. 

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I don't get how taking some measurements and then mailing a finished garment is going to work out well.

It usually doesn't. It's not unusual that further alterations or complete remakes are necessary.
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I've just discovered this site, and found this thread. I've been using Hira's since 1999 when Chand Hira (the father, I believe) came to LA and was doing fittings out of a Travelodge next to LAX. It was scary to be sure, but at that time I only paid $500 for a luxury-line wool fabric and was pleased as punch. That suit is still in like-new condition and is in full rotation in my wardrobe today. Since then, I have ordered several additional suits and over a dozen shirts. My wife also ordered about 4 suits and around 10 shirts.


Both of us have had nothing but exceptional experiences with the fit and quality of all garments from Hiras.


Biggest gripe I have is that there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the pricing. Depending on which tailor is visiting (I believe it is always a family member, at least on the West Coast USA) and how much you feel like negotiating, the price can vary quite dramatically.


The styles offered are most definitely "old school". I've yet to try them for a modern fitting suit. Seems to me like most of the complaints here are from people who wanted to match another style of suit, as opposed to picking it from Hira's style book.


Their shirts fit like Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit, but slightly more generous in the chest and slightly trimmer through the waist - which is to say, like a (perfectly proportioned) glove.

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I've had three suits made by Hira's, and I love them. Very comfortable, and no hassles. Andy was the one who took my measurements.


I'm getting the waistcoats to match. My experience has been very positive.

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Pics or it didn't happen.
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 I receive spam from these Hiras from time to time. Keep marking the emails as junk but this does not help. I've never come across such stubbion tailors before.

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