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Italian Jacket length vs. U.S.

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I may be wrong but i notice that some of the famed Italian brands make there jackets a little on the short side compared to some of there European and American counterparts. Are most Italian jackets shorter then American and other makers for any given reason? Is it because either Italians are shorter in overall height or because Americans just were there jackets too long?
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It's a style choice that the individual can do the length they prefer. Any good tailor can shorten a jacket to the desired length.
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As someone on the shorter end of the scale, I prefer to have a shorter jacket as it elongates the leg. As for short Italians, I don't think that's really an accurate stereotype anymore, but perhaps they've kept the short jackets as tradition.

Anecdotally, my distant Italian male relatives all live near Naples in a "historically short" region, but their heights range roughly from 5 feet to 6.5 feet.
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I suppose that I disagree with the thread's premise.

I am a pretty standard sleeve length only alteration in a 42L Samuelsohn, Hickey, Hart, Abboud, Nordstrom Classic Brand, etc. with the jacket ending at my butt + 1 inch.

I have taken to wearing a e54R from many of the Italian makers. (Zegna is about the length of the US garments with equivalent sizing; e54L to 42L.)

However I clearly wear a R in Corneliani, Isaia, and Kiton. Brioni I can wear either. I have some R and some L, but I find them (while not as long as the Isaia, Kiton or Corneliani) longer than my US 42L equivalents.

Although I would love to be able to claim experience with the length of Borrelli and Attolini, I can't.

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