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New at Jantzen - Irish Linen

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The sad thing is that we'll be in the middle of fall by the time any shirts we order arrive.
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I guess they'd be good for casual shirts?
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Where did you find this link? These are quite a bit more expensive, HKD 500 versus HKD 300 for their regular shirts. Would it be unusual to wear linen shirts in the fall?
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The link was randomly added to Jantzen's navbar at some point. I noticed it yesterday; not sure how long it's been there.
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Yeah, I found it on the Jantzen main page yesterday. I'm also curious about the price - maybe this linen isn't "leftovers" like his cotton fabrics.

I definitely plan on ordering one, but the weather will probably have cooled off enough by the time it comes that I'll be wearing mostly warmer fabrics.
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Awesome - I've been waiting for Ricky to put up some linen fabrics for a while. Those look like some great colors, especially the blues and greens - I think I'm going to order a few right now.

I have no problem wearing linen shirts in the fall or spring - sometimes even the winter - although I usually reserve linen pants for the summer.
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I wonder if this stuff is washable. I have a habit tossing my linen shirts in the washer and dry them in high heat to get them to shrink as most linen shirts are cut too large for my taste, then usually dry cleaned after that.
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I actually sent him a request and maybe if someone else is interested for making custom pocket squares with this material.
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I actually just got a black linen shirt from Jantzen. I intended it for casual wear and it is quite nice. Much thicker than the typical white linen shirts that I have, but of great quality, and furthermore custom fit.
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I saw the linen fabric there also but there was no way to add it when listing all your shirt choices. i guess you could tell them what linen color you want in the comments or whatever the section where you can ad comments is called. also ever other shirt I have ordered from jantzen came within 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, i guess i am just lucky
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What are the turnaround times these days when ordering a Jantzen shirt via the web?

Despite swearing months ago that I was finished with Jantzen, I gave in and placed an order. I took pictures and put all of my details/measurements in a pdf file which I e-mailed to Ricky on Friday. No word yet (which is fine, I am used to waiting a while for Ricky to respond and he is probably swamped as always).
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I'm seriously considering to order a shirt in linen and was reminded of the fabulous open-collar Mr. Kabbaz once made in blue linen, I think. Anyone has a link to that picture so I can get something along these lines too? ---- EDIT: Found it:
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what is the turn around time nowadays? i ordered one about a year ago and it was sent very quickly, like maybe 2-3 weeks, but i just got charged for it this month on the card?!?!?! it didn't fit just right so i gave it to a friend and tried again yesterday
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I'm not a huge fan of 100% linen...if only he could get linen/cotton blends!
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Anyone care to comment on the current turn-around time? I still have not received a confirmation receipt from Ricky, so I am guessing things have not chnaged all that much over the past six months...
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