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Shoe Question

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How soon after conditioning can I apply polish?

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Originally Posted by DShareef
How soon after conditioning can I apply polish?


Exactly 9 minutes and 33 seconds later. Too soon, and your shoes will combust. Too late, and they'll melt.

Honestly, I have no idea. If I am conditioning the shoes, I just do a two or three pairs of shoes at once, work my way down, and then come back and apply the polish. It usually works out fine.
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Basically, I think that as long as the shoe's dry you're ok.
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My best advice - worth less than $.02 probably - is to try to put the polish on while the conditioner is still a bit damp. Wipe the shoe with a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust. Then apply the conditioner - should result in a bit more "dampness" to the shoe. Then polish with cream polish for me - others use the harder wax. I do believe that the slightly damp shoe will have a more open leather pore, allowing the polish to penetrate better. But, by damp, I do not mean to insist that they be "wet".
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I would say wait overnight and then polish. Let the lotion soak in first.
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So, to synthesize what's already been said in this thread, you can either apply the polish pretty soon after the conditioner so that the shoes are still a bit damp, or, you can wait a really long time to make sure that the shoes are fully dry.

My suggestion, trial and error and see what works best.
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