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Hey all, Been looking through some old pictures of my grandfather's. I really liked the look of a few of the suits and found out from somebody that they were sharkskin suits. No, not made from the skin of the fish. You know, the fabric. Anyway, anyone know of any designers still making suits in sharkskin or would this be a strictly custom order job? Thanks in advance.
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I know that Gucci makes sharkskin suits, there were a few on Bluefly; don't know if they're still there though. Plus, I always see them at vintage/thrift stores, so they shouldn't be that hard to find.
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I just love sharkskin suits ... very "rat-pack".  I have them in pure wool,wool/mohair, and wool/silk.  Perfect spring/summer suits. Get them in grey or in a light olive/brown. Really sharp. My only RTW was from CK back in 1995, the rest are custom jobs.
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Most tailors seem to have less sharkskin than say, nailhead, but it's still about. In fact, even Ede and Ravenscroft are selling a RTW charcoal sharksin suit this season. I must say that it looks great.
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Most MTM programs ought offer sharkskin in a good enough array to find what you want.  Sharkskin is nice stuff. The trunk show season is here.
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Although not of the quality of many suits, for what it's worth I did notice that Nordstrom has their John W. Nordstrom suits in a gray sharkskin. You choose the fabric, pant size, a few options. They also claim a canvas front (I would verify that with someone), but overall for $495 seemed ok, that is if you have difficulty finding sharksin.
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I'm new the forum. In fact, this will be my first post. What kind of weave is sharkskin?
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